40 Interesting Nicknames for Prison

Nicknames for prisons is nothing new and there is no way it will die out either. With millions upon millions of inmates all over the world it comes as no surprise that there are also many different nicknames given to prisons. In this post we will have a look at some of the interesting names people have come up with.

nicknames for prisons

Nicknames For Prisons – Non Specific Bucket

1. Calaboose

2. Club Fed

3. Castle

4. Cooler

5. Con College

6.  Country Club: These prisons gain this name due to many programs that are usually run for the prisoners.

7.  Crowbar Hotel

8. Digger

9. Farm : Because a lot of prisons have farmland that is cultivated by the prisoners the name stuck.

10. Glasshouse

11. Greybar Hotel

12. Hole

13. Hoosegow

14. Joint

15. Jug

16. Pen

17. Pokey

18. The Clink: This name which is used for many prisons, comes from the Prison on Clink street in England. It has has however been closed.

19. Mainline Joint

20. Skinner Joint

21. Slammer

22. Stockade

23. Stoney Lonesome

24. Slammer

Nicknames For Prisons – Specific

25. The Rock:  Alcatraz prison Had to add this prison even though it is no longer in use.

26. Gladiator School: This is the Varner Prison in Arkansas. It was called the Gladiator school by the prisoners and the officers who worked there because it housed all the young male offenders in the state.

27. Tehachapi: California Correctional Institution. This nickname is no longer in use.

28. Chino; Men’s: California Institution for Men. It is also often called Chino men’s to avoid confusion with city. This is an all male prison.

29. Garden Spot: California Men’s Colony (CMC) called this by local population do to many programs run for the prisoners.

30. Norco; Norco Prison: California Rehabilitation Center (CRC) is as you can see from the name a prison dedicated to narcotic rehabilitation of prisoners. It does house regular prisoners too as there is overpopulation in the prison system.

31. Territorial: Colorado Territorial Correctional Facility is the oldest prison in the colorado state and came into use in 1876.

32. State Prison Farm: Union Correctional Institution, Florida.

33. Castle on the Cumberland: Because Kentucky State Penitentiary is situated on the Cumberland river.

34. The Farm; Angola; Alcatraz of the South: Louisiana State Penitentiary.

35. I-Max: Ionia Correctional Facility got the prion nickname due to its high security section.

36. Prison without a Wall: This is an old nickname for the Wallkill Correctional Facility that mostly held white collar crime inmates.

37. Western Pen: State Correctional Institution – Pittsburgh

38. Rockview: State Correctional Institution (SCI) at Rockview.

39. Big Mac: Oklahoma State Penitentiary.

40. Up The River: This is a reference to Sing Sing Prison as it is up the Hudson river from New York.

I am sure there are many more interesting nicknames for prisons. So, if you know of more comment below or send me an email so I can put them on the list.

I am sure you will enjoy reading about prison slang here.

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