26 Crazy Serial Killers That Will Make You Question Humanity

In this list we have a look at the Craziest Serial Killers and spree killers that ever lived. Thier beliefs are wild, and their actions are deadly. How some of these people got away with it for so long is beyond me.

1. David Berkowitz

Seven people lost their lives because he believed that his neighbor’s dog Harvey, a black Labrador was possessed by an ancient demon. This demon demanded David to kill. He said that the dog wanted the blood of beautiful girls and he felt compelled to listen to the dog as he was fond of Harvey.

2. Ahmad Suradji

indonesian serial killer

Ahmad was a witch doctor in Indonesia. One night in a dream, he had a visit from his father in the afterlife, who told him that the only way he can be a good witch doctor is if he killed 70 women and drank their saliva in a ritual.

His father mostly gave good advice, so Ahmad listened to his father and killed 42 women.

He strangled the women and buried them up to the waist in the sugar plantation near his house, their heads facing his house. He believed that it would give him extra power.


3. Elizabeth Bathory

Elizabeth – Portrait Wikipedia

She was a Hungarian noblewoman who killed over 650 people. Elizabeth was a beautiful woman and could not accept that she will lose her youth and beauty.

She tortured and killed virgin girls between 1585- 1609 and bathed in their blood as she believed it would retain her youth. Because of her family’s influence, she never went on trial. In December 1609, her family imprisoned her in a windowless room in Cachtice Castle. Five years later she died in solitary confinement.

4. Saeed Hanaei

Saeed was a construction worker from Iran. His wife was one day mistaken as a prostitute, and he took upon himself to help cleanse the city of moral corruption. 16 Women lost their lives and were strangled with their scarves, and the bodies were dumped all over the city. He was a hero to some and had a throng of supporters at his house the day he was arrested.

5. Richard Trenton Chase

He was famously known as the Vampire of Sacramento. He killed 6 victims and drank their blood. Richard would take parts of his victim’s skin to eat.

Apparently, the Nazi’s had a UFO, and they told him to kill. Otherwise they would kill him. He felt the Nazi’s should come forward and take responsibility for their crimes. To prevent the Nazi’s of hurting anyone else he wanted a radar gun to kill their UFO.

In prison, he would hoard macaroni and cheese in his pockets and said that the prison guards were in cahoots with the Nazi’s to poison him.

6. Joachim Kroll

Joachim, also known as the Duisburg Man-Eater believed he could save on his groceries by killing and eating 14 people. Apart from having a ridiculous reason for killing he also had a distinct modus operandi.

He surprised his victims, strangled them, had sex with the naked corpse, masturbated over the body and cut off the flesh to eat later.

Joachim thought that he would receive an operation to cure him of his homicidal urges; instead, he was given a life sentence.

7. Dana Sue Gray

Dana planned to kill her estranged husband as she took an insurance policy out on him, he did agree to meet her but, never showed. So in 1994, three senior women were stabbed to death because; Dana needed their money to support her spending habits. She attempted to kill another woman, but she escaped and identified Dana as her attacker.

8. Albert Fish

Albert was a psychotic man who raped, tortured and killed children. There were three confirmed victims but, according to records, there were many other kids that suffered under the hand of Albert.

He believed that God demanded him to torture and mutilate his victims. His weapons of choice were meat cleavers and handsaws. The worst of Albert was that he would eat his victims. Albert preferred African American disabled children.

9. Joseph Vacher

French serial killer Joseph Vacher killed between 11 and 27 farm workers. He disemboweled, raped and sodomized his victims. First, he claimed that a rabbit’s bite had poisoned his blood, making him mad and later he recanted his story.

Joseph’s last claim was that God had sent him as a disciple and compared himself to Joan of Arc. The court did not believe his insanity plea, and two months later he was executed by guillotine.

10. Leonarda Cianciulli

She was an Italian soap maker with a difference and a fortune teller with a lot of clients coming to see her for her wisdom. After she learned that her favorite son is going to the Italian Army for World War II, she felt that her son’s safety required human sacrifices. Three middle-aged women who were also her clients became her victims. The victims were murdered and made into soap and teacakes.

11. Magdalena Solis

Magdalena Solis also known as the High Priestess of Blood in Mexico, made an entire village believe that she was an Inca Goddess. This Goddess is the mother of the sun, moon, and stars, and her cult was born.

Magdalena became bored and asked for human sacrifices and devised a blood ritual. The victims were to be beaten, burned, and cut by all the cult members. She would make the victims bleed to death in a chalice which she drank from; she believed that it gave her supernatural powers. With the last sacrifices, she dissected the hearts of her victims while they were still alive.

12. Benjamin Atkins

After being raped at the aged of 10 and seeing his mother engaged in prostitution, he developed a hatred for women. He hated women so much that between December 1991 and August 1992, he killed 11 prostitutes.

Benjamin said that after he raped his victims, he just wanted to kill them because they were women and they disgust him. He succumbed to HIV at the age of 29.

13. Karl Denke

Karl was a devout Christian and helped beggars and travelers with a place to stay. After World War 1 he lost his house and savings. He would sell leather goods at the market and became known for his boneless pickled pork in jars.

What the public did not know was that his famous pork was human flesh, 42 victims were murdered and cannibalized.

Being a good Christian, he felt he was helping a poor community by supplying them with meat at a good price. After he attacked a man with an axe he was arrested and two days later hanged himself in his cell.

14. Carl Friedrich Wilhelm Grossman

A Berlin serial killer he killed between 26 and 100 people. Making money during World War I is difficult so Carl would kill his victims and process them into hot dog meat. He had a hotdog stand near a train station to feed the soldiers.

When he was not selling meat at his hotdog stand, he would sell his victims meat on the black market. Before his sentence could begin Karl hanged himself in his cell.

15. Walter Seifert

In Cologne, Germany on June 11th, 1946, he decided to go to Volkhoven Catholic Elementary school with a homemade flamethrower killing 11 people.

He believed that the government cheated him out of his war pension he, earned in World War II. Walter thought by taking out his aggression on the school he would teach the government a lesson. Walter fled the crime scene and poisoned himself; he died in hospital a few hours later.

16. Albert Hicks

Albert was known as a deep sea sailor and pirate. He killed three people and claimed he killed 97 others.

One minute he was driving with a group of individuals and the next moment the devil took possession of him telling him to murder.

Albert was the last person executed by hanging for piracy in the United States, under the piracy law of 1820.

17. Alexander Pichushkin

With a God complex, he felt he was the father of his murdered victims, opening another world for them. He believed that life without murder is life without food and he killed to live. Alexander killed between 43 and 65 people.

18. Pedro Rodriguez Filho

A real-life Dexter, Pedro killed only other criminals and bad people. He killed 71 people including his father who was accused of stealing food.

Some victims had already served a prison sentence, and he killed them because of what they did a long time ago.

Many of his victims were in prison with him when he murdered them.

19. Woo Bum-Kon

He was a police officer, who sworn to protect and serve and went on a killing spree because of a fight. His girlfriend woke him up by swatting a fly on his chest, and an argument ensued.

Woo started to drink heavily and went back to the police station, took weapons and a box of grenades, killing 56 people including himself during his rampage.

20. Viktor Sayenko & Igor Suprunyuck

They killed 21 people, the murders began by bludgeoning people to death, and it got more violent and gruesome with torture and mutilation. A pregnant woman they killed was found with her fetus cut out of her womb.

Viktor and Igor were proud of the killings and took photos and videos. The plan was to make a movie to become famous online. Somehow one of their videos was leaked on the internet, and they were arrested and charged with life in prison.

21. Rory Enrique Conde

Rory was an abusive husband and often brought prostitutes home, dressing them in his wife’s lingerie. One night his wife found out, took the children and left him.

He blamed the prostitution industry for breaking up his family. After his wife left, he picked up a prostitute and while having oral sex he found out that it was a man. Enraged he went on a killing spree and killed six prostitutes. After strangling his victims to death he had anal sex with the corpses.

22. Ella Holdridge

Fourteen at the time Ella Holdridge loved to attend funerals and enjoyed death. She killed six other children that were in school with her by poisoning them with rat poison. While the victims suffered she would stand by and wait for them to die, it excited her, and she purely killed for fun.


23. Gaetana Stimoli

Gaetana lived in Catania, Sicily, she lost her two children and practiced witchcraft. 23 Children were killed; she would lure them into her house with sweats and meats, poisoning them. She believed that her children were bewitched and to avenge them she poisoned the children of others.

24. Juana La Peque

From an early age, she rebelled and liked violence. At the age of 15, she was pregnant and to support herself and her child she worked as a prostitute. It was there that she became part of the cartel underworld.

Juana started working as a brutal Mexican cartel assassin. Juana drank the blood of her victims and had intercourse with the beheaded corpses.

According to reports, she would use the heads and other body parts of the victims to pleasure herself. Juana enjoyed the violence and the sexual experience.

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25. Tillie Klimek

She believed she could predict when people would die. Tillie killed 5 of her husbands and three children. It was also a profitable business for her as she collected the insurance money. Interestingly, she gained a reputation for fortune telling.

26. Delfina and Maria de Jesus Gonzales

In the 1950’s till mid-1960’s the two sisters ran a prostitution ring in North Central Mexico. When the prostitutes were too old, ill or could not perform anymore, they killed them.

They also killed babies and anyone who had lots of money. During the investigation, the police found 80 corpses of women, 11 men and a few fetuses on their ranch.


So there you go a list of some of the crazy serial killers that wreaked havoc around the world. Believe we should add anyone to this list? Send us a email or comment below.

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