David Hotyat Murdered a Family Because of Jealousy

David was a mechanic with so much hate and jealousy towards a neighbor’s success that he killed the whole family. His neighbor Xavier Flactif a property developer who was highly successful and owned many cars, and houses would be his victim.

On the 13th of April 2003, Xavier, his wife, and three children vanished from their chalet in Le Grand- Bornand, Haute-Savoie, France. With the lights on in the chalet, the dinner table made and dinner in the oven it was strange that the family would just abandon the cottage. Some of the locals in France thought that Xavier took his family and fled after a business deal went wrong.

At the start of the investigation, the police discovered legal documents and two laptops was missing from the chalet. The family car was found at the Geneva airport a month after the family disappeared. Due to this evidence the police think the family is on the run. After weeks of investigating the police find evidence that turns the case into a murder investigation.

What evidence changed the investigation from a family on the run to a murder inquiry?

The police uncovered flecks of dry blood in the chalet. DNA tests reveal the blood is from Xavier(41), his wife Graziella Ortolano(36), and his children Gregory(7), Laetitia(10), Sarah(11). And also an unidentified sixth person. While the police were searching for the family, they took DNA samples from other members of the family, clients, workers, and neighbors.

David Hotyat is caught, convicted and sentenced

After months of testing DNA samples, the police arrested David (31), his girlfriend Alexandra and a work friend on the 16th of September 2003. David confessed to killing the Flactif family.

According to reports, David had an altercation with Xavier that ended violently. The altercation was about odd jobs David’s girlfriend Alexandra did for Xavier and the outstanding bills. The outstanding amount was only a few hundred euros.

After his confession, he led the police to a remote spot in the forest where he burned and buried the bodies of the Flactif family. His girlfriend Alexandra and two friends helped to clean the murder scene and dispose of the bodies. They got rid of the bodies by burning them in the forest.

On the 30th of June 2006, David was found guilty of murder. His sentence is life, with a minimum of 22 years. Alexandra’s and David’s two friends both have a ten-year prison sentence.



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