Should the Death Penalty be Allowed?

Should the death penalty be allowed? It is a question that has been debated for centuries, and though many states and countries have done away with it, many have not. Does it prevent crime? In some cases I am sure it does, in other cases, I think it is immaterial to the killer.

On Instagram asked this question and here we will look at some of the best for and against statements people have made. Some of the comments will be altered to improve readability and have a look at the post on Instagram and also comment and follow us if you feel like it.

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What people said that are for the death penalty:

“Yes only if there is good evidence and depends on how big the crime.”

“Yes, if the crime if truly horrible they deserve it.”

“Not everywhere, some places still need it though”

“Yes because people who did terrible things don’t really deserve to live …. even if they do , they’re still sentenced to life in prison so either way it’s the same difference.”

“Yes, depending on what they did. I know with California they wouldn’t and that is wrong. What if they have a criminal that is so dangerous to society and they decided to place that criminal on parole or even set ’em free? There’s no telling, that criminal could kill again.”

“”People need second chance!!” Did they give victims a second chance to even say goodbye? Yes death penalty and make it ANY way. A bullet to the back of the head is cheap enough.”

“I have mixed feelings about it. They should die but lethal injection I feel is a little is too simple, quick, and painless for some of the things these people put people through. I would prefer the death sentence carried out in a slower and more painful way so they can feel a fraction of the pain their victims felt and the agony that their families will go through every day.”

“Yes – 1. In some states we are running out of room in our prisons bc of the druggies we have, if we got rid of the killers (which they deserve for taking another ones life) we wouldn’t have half the prison problems that we do. There are so many reported prison stabbings done by killers to people serving for doing drugs.”

What people said that are against the death penalty:

“You should live knowing what pain you have caused the world and knowing that people frown upon you. Death is a free ticket out of pain you may as well set them free.”

“If they have killed someone and are punished with death. You are doing just as bad as them and they do not reflect from their problems”

“Mistakes aren’t irreversible and also it could be seen as a strange form of martyrdom if you killed them, they would suffer much more from having their freedom taken, as suffering and punishment is the main argument for the death penalty.”

“No..too expensive and risky.”

“No, the people should suffer life in prison.”

“No because it doesn’t make sense to kill people that kill people to show that killing people is wrong. Also, if you really want them to suffer, life in prison would be way worse than death.”

“No, they should pay for there crimes not be put to death and out of there shame and misery”

“No. If the wrong person is accidentally killed, you can’t just take them back. But well, some people really deserve it.”

And we also have cases where people cannot decide wheter it should or should not be allowed:

“A case with Charles Manson is something I’m torn on. Some believe he should be killed, others think he should rot. I’m not sure about either because to those who follow or had would still influenced by Charles deeds dead or alive. His legacy still lives on and like Hannibal Lector, he can ruin lives even in prison. A man like Charles, just simply cant be killed or rot.”

“Depends on the act of crime.”

“It depends, but mostly no because then they might not regret their actions. If they are sitting in captivity for the rest of their lives, then they might regret what they did.”



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