A Gas Station Too Far for These Carjackers

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Now we all know that the criminals behind carjackings are not always the most intelligent bunch. Otherwise, they would be making the big bucks like the guys in “Gone in Sixty Seconds” and be gone without a trace. The carjacker opts for a quicker and easier route. This is all and well from the perp’s perspective added the vehicle being taken has sufficient gas to get them to their final destination.

This brings us to these four geniuses. They stole a car in the morning, and in the afternoon they got caught because they ran out of gas.

The whole story began when they carjacked(it is not sure if they were the actual carjackers, but I assume they most likely are) a Mazda 323 in the morning in Kwazakhele, Eastern Cape, South Africa.

Capt. Andre Beetge said the suspects were arrested at 17:00 on Tuesday afternoon at five o clock whaen the police noticed a car standing on the side of the road with two men in. Apon closer inspection they realized it was indeed the car that was reported carjacked.

The police quickly arrested the two suspects and waited for a little while. Low and behold a truck drops off two more people with gas for the car. They were also arrested on the spot.

They will appear in the New Brighton Magistrates Court today.


Die Burger Newspaper 27/07/2017 Port Elizabeth South Africa

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