Junko Ogata a Broken and Manipulated Serial Killer

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Junko Ogata was not your typical serial killer. She was born on 25 February 1962, into a wealthy family. Junko had an ordinary home life and was considered a gentle person.

She did not know it at the time, but she went to school with the man she would one day share a life with and be his accomplice in killing seven people. After school, she became a preschool teacher and her whole life changed when she started dating Futoshi Matsunaga in 1982.

She was a virgin before her relationship with him and Futoshi would accuse her of having affairs with other men.

According to sources, he abused her severely but, she was still faithful to him, and they had two sons together. For some reason, Futoshi believed that her mother was seducing him.

According to reports, he raped her mother. Now that he had destroyed the person she was he recruited her to be his partner in crime.

When did Junko commit the murders?

Their killing spree was from 1996 to 1998. They confined and assaulted their victims that they can get money from them. The victims borrowed money to give to them. When the money ran out, they feared that the victims would go to the police and they killed the victims, dismembering their bodies and threw them into the sea. Junko would make the victims participate in the dismembering the corpses, and then they would kill them. They were pleasure killers; they put the victims through as much as possible to make them suffer.

Junko was arrested in March 2002. There was no trace of the crimes they committed, and none of the bodies have been recovered. The criminal case rested on Junko’s testimony and a twenty-one-year-old woman who escaped from their apartment. They abducted and tortured her with electric shocks. During the trial, Futoshi said Junko did all the killing and he only uses the victims as money trees. Junko owned up to all the killings and said that Futoshi abused her into a physical and mental state that she had no choice to obey him.

In a bad twist, most of the victims were family members of Junko. A Japanese writer Masayoshi Toyoda who supported Junko created doubt about the trail in the book he wrote in November 2005.

Important Dates in the Junko Ogata case

Masayoshi was allowed to talk to Junko for the first time on 27th September 2005. Junko was sentenced to the death on 28th September 2005.
Because of her testimony in the trial, they appeal for a life sentence on the 11th October.
The Fukuoka district court granted Junko a life sentence on 26th September 2007.











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