The Kidnapping of Paul Joseph Fronczak

The day that Paul Fronczak disappeared

April 27th, 1964, is the day Paul got kidnapped from the hospital. Paul was only 36 hours old. His parents are Chester and Dora

Little Baby Paul

Fronczak. Paul was their second son, their first baby was a still born. A woman dressed as a nurse came into the hospital room in Chicago and took Paul from Dora’s arms, the woman told Dora that Paul needs to go to the nursery. After twenty minutes the real nurse came to take Paul to the nursery, which was the moment they knew Paul had been kidnapped. The woman took the baby straight from the mother’s arms

They immediately called the police and did a thorough search of the hospital, but there was no sign of Paul. The police believed that the woman who kidnapped Paul went through the back staircase and left the hospital through the rear entrance where she casually took a cab.

The police believe the woman was between 35 to 40 years old in 1964, she is of medium height, had gray, dark brown hair with a red complexion. The Chicago Police started one of the biggest manhunts in the city’s history to find Paul. The police tested 10 thousand babies around the country to see if they could find Paul. After Two years of extensive investigations and countless hours, the case went cold. The police could never identify or apprehend the woman.

Paul is found or is he?

In front of a Newark department store in New Jersey on the 2nd July 1965, a young boy in a stroller was found. The New Jersey child protection authorities named the boy Scott McKinley. Scott resembled Paul and was also the same age.

When Chester and Dora got the call from New Jersey that they had to identify the boy they were overjoyed. They believed that Scott was indeed their son and the boy was given to them, and they raised him as Paul Fronczak.

The FBI had no way of testing the identity of Scott and Dora and Chester adopted him when he was two years old. Over the years Paul thought that he did not look like his family and always felt that he did not belong. Paul decided in 2012, he wanted to take a DNA test. The test proved that he was not Paul Fronczak. That means that the real Paul Fronczak is still missing. And the boy that grew up to be Paul had no idea who he is. With the test that proves he is not Paul, the FBI has reopened the case of Paul.

Telling his “parents” Dora 82 and Chester 80 about the results of the DNA test was a difficult task, so Paul decided the best way to tell them was to write them an email ,he told them that he will always be their son and they are the parents that he never had and he loves them very much.

The baby that Dora and Chester raised was from European and Jewish ancestry. The real Paul Fronczak was from Polish and Croatian descent. The boy that Dora and Chester raised is now married and have a child of his own.

There is a Facebook page that he opened “Who is Paul Fronczak” where people can share their stories and help with the investigation.

Poor Dora and Chester are still searching for their real son and hoped that before they leave this world, they will be able to see him. Even if it is just one last time. Paul is currently busy looking for Dora and Chester’s real son and at the same time looking for his own identity.


The Truth emerges

In 2015 came the breakthrough that Paul was seeking. DNA databases have found his biological family. His real name is Jack. Jack


also, has a sister called Jill at this stage her whereabouts were unknown. Research done on Jack, suggest that he and his sister Jill both disappeared before they reached their second birthdays. For privacy reasons, Jack is not going to release his biological family names. They told Jack that he and his sister’s photos were ripped from the family photo album, he thinks that his biological parents died. He is still piecing everything together in the hopes that one day he will find his sister.

Apparently, Jack’s parents lied about Jack and his sister’s whereabouts telling the families that another family is looking after them. Jack’s father warned the family never to talk about Jack and Jill, and therefore they were never reported missing. Jack may never find out what happened and why his parents rejected him and his sister but he will never stop looking for his sister and the real Paul. It will always be a motivator for Jack to never treat his children the way his birth parents treated him.

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