Man Beheads Little Girl in Public

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Losing a child to any death is a traumatic and violent event in any parent’s life. But to see your little four-year-old daughter’s head removed right in front of your eyes must be beyond words.

Mrs. Liu and her child were on their way to the Local Metropolitan station(Taipei Taiwan, CNA,) to meet one of their relatives. On

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their way “Little Light Bulb’s”(Nickname for the little girl) push bike got stuck somewhere on the pavement. Mrs. Liu then saw a man approach thinking that he is a helpful do-gooder that is going to get the bike unstuck for her little girl. The next moment the man pulls out a cleaver and slashes the girl’s neck.

Mrs. Lui did try to subdue the attacker, but it was too late for her child as the attacker decapitated her. She screamed, and many passers-by grabbed the man and held him till the police arrived.

The mother says that the worst for her is that she will never be able to see her little daughter.

The man was taken to the police station, and everything was done to find out what the motives for this horrific murder were. One thing they do know is that he was waiting close to the station. And also that he bought the knife that morning.

Because of the brutality of the murder and the way it was done in public a large unruly crowd had built up outside the police station. When the police tried to move him out to another location. The group became so enraged that for the man’s safety they had to take him back in the police station.

A full investigation was launched. And the authorities are being pressured by the public to do everything possible to prevent future cases like this.

The man was sentenced to life in prison. And he was found to have been psychotic at the time of the incident.

This all happened 28 March 2016.

Personal thoughts on this case

I feel it is good to have more systems in place to help people that suffer from depression and mental illness. But what more could anyone do in this instance? The man did not seem threatening at that point, and no one could have predicted what happened next.

Most people you meet in that situation would just have picked up the bike and give it back to the little girl. It also happened so fast that no matter what the mother’s reaction time was too quick.

These types of cases are impossible to prevent. Unless it is a mental patient that has a history of violence. In which case he/she can be put under permanent care.



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