Man from Austria arrested for hoarding skulls

In Austria, a man was arrested (could not find the name) in 2013 for disturbing the peace of the dead. He did indeed disturb the dead by robbing a church cemetery from 56 skulls and not only skulls but 55 other bones as well.

This all took place in the Austrian Province of Burgenland.

There is no more information as to why the man started to steal and hoard the skull and bones in his home. We do know that he was discovered when he tried to sell three of the skulls and also two thigh bones at a flea market.

Obviously, the church said that all of this occurred without their legal consent. The good news is that all the skulls and bones were returned and peace of the dead can resume as before.

A police officer that had been on the force for 37 years indicated to Reuters(Vienna) that he had never investigated such a case. He did say that there is nothing new under the sun.

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