Men who were Kidnapped

Men who were kidnapped is something that I thought did not happen often but, it turns out it happens a lot. A lot of these cases are not widely documented; interestingly a lot of the cases I found were in South Africa. South Africa is famous for their wildlife and nature, but the actual reality is that South Africa is one of the top three countries when it comes to kidnappings, murder, and violence.

A taxi ride that turned into a kidnapping

A 23-year-old man hailed a taxi on Solomon Mahlangu Drive in Mamelodi, Pretoria on 19 May 2017. The taxi was a 15 seater and had three young women inside, on route to the CBD the taxi driver changed course, and they told the young man to sit in front. One of the women proceeds to inject him with an unknown substance, and he passed out. When he woke up, he was in an unfamiliar room with a single bed. I would go crazy and call for help, but for this poor guy, there was no one to help him. The three women forced him to drink energy drinks before they took turns raping him.

For three days they raped him and only gave him energy drinks. Like a piece of trash, they dropped him half naked in an open field in Benoni, Johannesburg on May 22, 2017. The poor guy was so disoriented and traumatized he flagged down a passing car and received medical treatment.

Women are supposed to be the more caring gender. It is sickening to think that they had to kidnap and rape this young man. He must have a lot of emotional scars. I really feel for him, all he did was hail a taxi for work.

The South African police said that they take sexual offenses seriously no matter what the gender. Despite the police reassurance, many feel that they do not do enough for male victims of sexual violence. The South African Male Survivors of Sexual Abuse said that almost 20% of rapes and assaults in the country were committed against men, most of them young men. Most men do not report sexual abuse cases as they say police not to take them seriously.

According to a 2011 study, 37.4 percent of men in the Gauteng Province, Johannesburg are victims of sexual violence and kidnappings. The investigation is still ongoing for the assailants.

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The abduction of Charles Teasley

Charles Teasley, 35 years old was kidnapped and shot on Cole Street in Hartford on 12th January 2009. Five men Harold Cook, Gerund Mickens, Terrell Hunter, Douglas Lee and Jesus Ashanti were all charged with kidnapping resulting in death. And for using a firearm during a robbery and causing death. If they are convicted of the crimes, they can get lifetime in prison or the death penalty. So far this case is classified as a cold case. Most of the men have been arrested for different offenses, and the police are still looking for the rest of the men, so investigators have no new leads in the case.

The indictment alleges that Harold, Gerund, and Terrell were committing armed robberies against people who they thought were selling drugs in Hartford.

On January 9th, 2009, they planned to commit an armed robbery on someone that sells cocaine, but the seller decided to cancel the deal, and they aborted the robbery. They made a meeting with Charles who sells cocaine, and the plan was also to kidnap and rob him of his money and drugs.

At the meeting place they seized Charles and bound his hands behind his back with zip ties forcing him into his car. They assaulted Charles and threatened him at gunpoint and forced him to make a phone call to his girlfriend that she can direct them to his safe. They drove him to a residential area in Hartford and murdered him. If they think they are the next generation vigilantes, it could not be further from the truth. They are the same as the people who sells the drugs and are also committing an offense.

Something interesting, Connecticut state correctional facilities sells playing cards to the inmates with cold cases on. The deck of cards feature a photograph and a brief description about the homicide or the missing person. It also lists telephone numbers and email contacts. Charles story was now included on the cards. I think this is an excellent idea some prisoners have lots of black market connections and the chances of catches criminals are much higher.


The man that Kidnapped and Murdered before got released and did it agian

In November 2015, a St Paul man Wilbert Glover, 55 years was charged in the Ramsey County District Court with kidnapping and rape. He kidnapped a 19-year-old man off the street. A day before he was charged on an out of state conviction for kidnapping and attempted murder. The young guy was walking in the street when Wilbert came up behind him and strangled him until he passed out. When he woke up, he was blindfolded and bound, and he had no idea where he was. When he took off the blindfold, he was sprayed with mace and told to keep the blindfold on. For four days he was repeatedly raped.

One evening when Wilbert went out, the young teenager removed his blindfold and saw that he was in a basement. He pulled hard on the chains and freed himself from the wall. Cut off the power of the house by switching off the circuit breakers, then he found a fire extinguisher and broke out the window of the bathroom and escaped. He went to the first house he could see to call for help. The women answering the door first thought that he was looking for a donation and she was on her way to close the door when he forced his way through the door.

He kept saying that he just wanted to phone his mom. The police found him with blood around his eyes, partly shackled at the ankles and one wrist. I am so happy that he survived, he has a lot of emotions to work through but he is alive and that is all that matters.

Most noteworthy it is on record that Wilbert was convicted in Illinois 1984 of kidnapping and 1985 of murder. He went to prison in September 1987 and was released in September 2008. They should never have released him from prison. Hopefully this time he will stay in prison.


The Kidnapping of Robert Lewington

Men kidnapping men is strange to me. You can understand if it is someone of the opposite sex, for Robert Lewingdon, it is an experience he will never forget.

May 26 2017, at his mobile home in the 4400 block of Altizer Avenue in Huntington. Three men force Robert to remove all of his clothing and to lie on his stomach on the floor. The three suspects in question are Torra Johnson 34 years, Donte Hendricks 21 and James Hughes 35.

They hogtied Robert with cords and tied his hands and feet behind his back and a cord around his throat. They threatened him with guns and assaulted him multiple times by kicking him. This was not the end of Robert’s agony as they even poured hot candle wax on his body and proceeded to burn him with an iron.

It was apparent that they wanted to torture him and make him suffer. Some people like pain and they would often inflict pain on them selfs, but I have a feeling the morning when Robert woke up he did not have torture in mind.

One of the suspects fired a shot next to Robert to scare him. I would be scared out of my pants! Then they drove him at gunpoint to a remote area along Green Valley Drive.

Robert was forced out of the car after they took all his belongings and told him to walk with his hands above his head. Torra fired a shot at Robert with the intent to cause serious injury or to kill Robert. It seems that Torra was a worse shot than he thought and Robert lived another day which I am glad for him.

The relationship between Robert and the suspects is that he runs their drugs for them. It is believed that the suspects thought that Robert wanted to rob them of their drugs and there was an altercation.

Torra is charged with malicious or unlawful assault. Endangerment involving a firearm, conspiracy, and kidnapping. Donte is accused of kidnapping, conspiracy, robbery or attempted robbery. And also malicious or unlawful assault. James is charged with malicious or unlawful assault. The case is still ongoing, and Robert gets to see that the people who hurt him go to jail.


Sperm Bandit Kidnapping

A man in his late twenty’s was kidnapped and sexually abused by four women. The women is suspected to be sperm bandits. I guess that it is one way of getting sperm, they cut out all of the time, dating and rejection it takes. I cannot believe that people would stoop that low. This incident happened in Lupane, Zimbabwe. On 17 February 2017, the young man was given a lift in a Toyota Quantum with South Africa number plates on. In the car, there were four women and one man driving the car.

He said that the sex happened after the man that was driving the vehicle made a detour, supposedly to pick up someone else. The driver made a sudden stop where one woman covered his eyes, and the other women held his feet and hands together. They forced him to something from a bottle and then he passed out.

They took turns raping him and thereby taking his semen. He awoke naked next to a bush with injured private parts. The man proceeded to the main road where he flagged a car and got a lift to the police station. He was treated at the St Luke’s Hospital in Lupane.

The case is still ongoing, and the young man has a long road to recovery. The Zimbabwean police said that they believe that there is a syndicate of women attacking men. Why? To use their semen in rituals that apparently make people wealthy. I feel sorry for the poor people that get caught in believing that these rituals work. The so-called semen harvesters first made headlines in 2011. They preyed on motorists on the road between Gweru and Harare in Zimbabwe.

An interesting side note is that in one case a woman was arrested at a roadblock when she was found with 31 condoms full of semen.

In 2016, three women abducted a man in Bulawayo and forced him to have sex with them and then took his semen. This is a lucrative business as it seems that there are a lot of women that are part of this syndicate. Up until today, I did not even know about this.


The Man that got abducted in a Adult Novelty shop

In Lakewood, Texas a 27-year-old man was kidnapped from an adult novelty shop. The kidnappers held him hostage for five days in which they haggled with the family over the payoff. The investigators said that it seemed the kidnapping stems from a family feud over the horse breeding industry. The abduction happened on the 30th August 2016, at 6400 block of Alameda Avenue. The victim was approached by three heavily armed men; one of them had an assault rifle. They were all dressed in black and had masks on.

The victim was beaten, and one of the kidnappers fired a shot and forced him into a car and drove off. The victim said that they put a hood over his face and moved to several different locations. He stated that one of the kidnappers came from California to do the job. The kidnappers initially demanded $500,000, from the man’s family for his safe return but, dropped the amount to $200,000 after they talked to the victim’s father.

Three days after the kidnapping took place, the FBI dropped the ransom in the trash bag on the side of Interstate 70 exit near Bennett. For some unknown reason, the kidnappers were unable to find the bag, and they left frustrated. The abductors ordered that the money should be placed outside Commerce City ranch of the victim’s family. The FBI complied, and the money was collected, and the kidnappers released the victim.

The police arrested the three men Raymundo Maldonado- Salgado, Jonatan Maldonado- Salgado and Hernando Aguilar-Banuelos. They were charged with first-degree kidnapping which carries a life sentence without a possibility of parole. The police could not say if the suspects had links to cartels and if some of them are from Mexico. The FBI has found some of the ransom money but, did not say how much.

This was a massive investigation which spanned the Denver area. With more than a hundred, local and federal law enforcement, including the FBI. Law enforcement immediately started searching for the victim as they were fearful for his life.

In the interrogation, one of the suspects told the authorities that the kidnapping plan had been in place for four years. One of the suspects said that a week earlier he botched a kidnapping attempt on the victim’s brother.


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