Mexican Mayor Shot a Day After Inauguration

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Imagine the delight to the news that you are to be the first female Mayor of your City. It must have been a great feeling for Gisela Raquel Molta Ocampo to hear the news that she had won. Also, she won because of an anti-corruption campaign and is now in charge of making change happen in her City.

We all know how difficult it is to stand up to irregularities and forces of greed. There are so many bribes, fraud, and other forms of corruption and there would be a lot of battles to come for Gisela. But she felt ready and motivated to do her best no matter what she needed to face.

Before becoming the Mayor of Temixco City the fourth largest city in the Morelos province, she was a Federal Congresswoman.

The Elation was not to last as not even a full 24 hours after her reception had passed before she was brutally murdered by four men that stormed into her house on the 2nd of January 2016. Luckily someone had phoned the police, and two of the gunman was shot by the Police while fleeing the scene. The other two criminals were promptly arrested.

But who were and why did the four gunmen murder, Gisela Raquel?

The main reason is money, and we are talking about massive amounts of money. The men that were hired to kill her were from the Los Rojos gang. And is most likely employed by the Drug cartels battling it out in the state next door to Morelos. The state is Guerro and to have someone standing up for corruption in the state next door will most likely spill over to other states too. And that is not good news for the gangs.

It is a well-known fact that they intimidate government and also municipal officials and stop good things from happening.

How much money did the assassins get to murder the new Mayor of Temixco?

It is alleged that they were happy to perform the vile act for $30 000 and for drug gangs that is small change.


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