Murder and Suicide over Tea

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This is a very tragic story that happened in Bethelsdorp, Port Elizabeth, South Africa. It begins with the Vogelstruis family that struggles financially and the stress that becomes too much to bear and then boils over to a shooting and then Suicide.

Allie Vogelstruis and Ronald Vogelstruis is under enormous financial strain (Both unemployed) and were waiting for a purchase deal from the Local Municipality for their two properties to go through. This deal is in the works for many years already, and it seems the strain has now reached a point that Mr. Vogelstruis could no longer bare.

They got up at 5:30 like any other morning and when they had their tea Ronald told his wife that he planned to kill her and then himself. As any regular person would react, she did her best to stay the situation, but it was not going to change his mind. He did, however, say that he would shoot himself so she can have everything once the property deal went through.

He then went for the gun, and with that, she ran out of the house in fear for her life. While still running she heard gunshots, and this is when he shot two random passers by one three times and the other five times. They are fighting for their lives in the Hospital.

It is not too far fetched to think Mr. Vogelstruis was not of sound mind as he suffered from previous mental problems in the past.

After shooting the two men, he ran to his brother’s house and locked himself in. He was still in discussions with the police when after two hours they heard a shot go off. They made their way inside the house to find that he had shot himself in the torso. He died on the scene.

It is so saddening to hear and see people go through financial strain and snap under pressure. This happened 19/07/2017.

Source: Herald Live.


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