Prison Slang: A Glossary from A to Z

Here we will have a look at Prison Slang/Jargon that is used in every day lives of prisoners. Some prison slang might not be familiar in certain prisons or regions as prisons are communities in them selves so many new terms will originate and many will most likely die out too. So have a look at our current list of prison Jargon and let us know in the comment section below.


AB: This is the prisoners that is in the White Supremacist gang Aryan Brotherhood.

Ace Boon Coon: outside of prison if you called someone that you might get smacked but in prison slang it means Best Friend.

Alphabet: A very very long sentence.

Agitator: This is a prisoner that uses their skill of manipulation to stir up fights between other inmates. They usually do it for pure entertainment.

All Day: It is a Life sentence.

All Day and a Night: This means the prisoner is doing a life sentence without the possibility of parole.

Ass Betting: When you make a bet but there is no way you can pay if you lose.

Associate: A prisoner that isn’t one of your friends, but you break rules with them.


prison slang used in context

Baby: If you are a weak prisoner that gets used for sex they refer to you as a Baby

Back Gate Parole: When you die in Prison

Back Door Parole: Same as above.

Banger: Gun.

Bean Chute: The slot from which you get your food when you are in solitary confinement.

Beat your Feet: If an officer tells you to move out you better… beat your feet.

Bats: Cigarettes.

Bit: Term spent in Prison

Big bitch: Life without the possibility of parole.

Birds on the Line: When someone listens in on a private conversation.

Bitch Up: When you throw in the towel… give up.

Blade: A shank made in prison.

Blade up: When you cut someone.

Blanket Party: Not the type of party you would like to go to. This is where they throw a blanket over your head so you cannot see the attacker.

Blickey: Aids. “He has the blickey.”

Blind: An are out of sight from the officers.

Blazed: When you are High.

Blues: Prison clothing.

Bonaroo: Your best clothes.

Bone: The dominant person an a gay relationship.

Bone Crusher: A large weapon.

Boneyard: Area used for Conjugal visits.

Boof: Contraband that you have in the rectum.

Booty Check: Rectal search.

Border Brothers: Mexican Nationals.

Bo Bo’s: State issued sneakers.

Box: Disciplinary segregation.

Boat: A plastic bed that is used when a prison is overcrowded.

Brick: a carton of cigarettes.

Brogans: Work boots that are issued by the state.

Brownies: People who work in the kitchen.

Buck Rogers Time: A sentence so long that release would require extensive time travel.

Buffing: Working out and getting buff.

Bug: A mentally disturbed prisoner.

Bulldog: A prisoner that uses intimidation and fear to get what he/she wants.

Bullet: A one year prison sentence.

Bumpin’ Ya Gums: When you talk too much.

Bunkies: Prisoners that share a double bunk bed.

Burn Rubber: You shout this and it mean leave me alone.

Burned: If an inmate has made you see his penis by accident or on purpose you have been burned.

Butched in: You have to perform oral sex to get something.

Brake Fluid: Psychiatric medication.


Cadillac: An inmates bunk.

Catch a Square: When you are getting ready to fight.

Catch a ride: If you are getting high on your friends drugs.

Catcher: Someone that is sexually passive in a relationship.

Cat Nap: A short sentence.

Cage: Your cell.

Cell Gangster: A prisoner that only talks tough in his cell.

Cell Warrior: Also a prisoner that talks a big game in his cell.

Chasing the Dragon: When you are looking for Heroin.

Chalk: Prison made moonshine.

Chatted Out: A person who has gone crazy.

Checking In: If you request protective custody.

Cheese Eater: A snitch.

Chow: Food, a meal.

Cellie: Cellmate.

Cherry: a new Prisoner.

Chester: A child molester.

Chin Check: This is when someone hits you in the jaw to check if you will fight back.

Chip: When a homosexual prisoner is pledged to one man but then cheats on him. The result is almost always physical confrontation.

Choke sandwich: A sandwich with only peanut butter.

Coffee and a Day: When you will be out of prison in just over a day.

Commandos: These are prisoners that are looking for sex after the lights go out.

Convict: A prisoner with traditional values.

Cowboy: A new correctional officer.

Crime of Passion: When someone is serving time for a sex related crime.

Cutting Up: Suicide.


Ding: A mentally disturbed prisoner or a prisoner faking it.

Daddy: A dominant Homosexual.

Date: When a prisoner will be released.

Dead Mouth: When a guard tells you to be quite.

Debrief: A way to show you have left a gang and turned on them to snitch on them. This will usually end on the prisoner going into protective custody.

Deuce: A two year prison sentence.

Diaper Sniper: A child molester.

Diesel Therapy: A constant rotation to keep prisoners from associating with certain groups and cliques.

Dime: Ten year prison sentence.

Dinner and a Show: This is when inmates eat and watch other inmates fight.

Ding Wing: Where they keep mentally ill prisoners.

Dipping in the Cool Aid: When someone tries to enter a conversation they have no business in.

Dirt Nap: To die.

Dis: Disrespect.

Dog: You would call your friend a dog.

Doing the Dutch: To commit Suicide.

Donkey Dick: Sliced cold meats.

Dotted Up: Tattooed.

Down Letter: When you get a rejection letter from the parole board.

Dragon’s Tongue: Very tough corned meat that is sliced.

Dressed Out: An assault by a another prisoner with urine, feces or any other liquid mixture.

Dropped: When an officer forces an inmate to the ground.

Duck: This is an corrections officer that reveals personal information about another officer to prisoners.

Drug Charge: Child molestation.

Dump Truck: An attorney that does not put much effort in for his client. It can also mean a lazy inmate.

Dry Snitching: This is when an inmate acts as an informant “snitches” by being non specific and usually talking loudly so the officers can hear.


Ear Hustling: Listening in.

Education: This is where inmates can take classes read books and so on.

Escape Dust: Fog.

Eyeball: When you are giving an officer a long look.

Erasers: Chicken cut up in chunks.


Fall Back: A prisoner would use this in an aggressive tone to tell another prisoner to back off.

Family Style: Sodomy in the missionary position.

Fence Parole: Escape.

Fifi: An artificial vagina used for masturbation.

Fish: A new prisoner.

Floor Wet: A call to let the other prisoners know an officer is on the way.

Flop: The time between parole hearings.

Flood the Cell: This is when a prisoner intentionally floods his or her cell.

Fluff: A feminine lesbian.

Fresh Meat: What they call a group of new inmates.

Fresh off the bus: inmate that is new to the prison system.


Gashley: A woman.

Gas House: The public toilet in the cell block.

Gate Money: Money given to a freed prisoner.

Gated Out: Released from prison.

Gat: A hand gun.

Gazer: A guard that watches the inmates shower.

Getting Buzzed: Getting a tattoo.

Get Hit: When a sentence get extended due to another crime or getting denied parole.

Goof: It is used as an insult or a fight word.

Goon Squad: Guard task force.

Got a Body: To brag when you have killed someone. These are usually people that are not facing murder charges.

G.P.: General population.

Grandma’s: This is either a gang leaders cell or a prison gangs meeting place.

Green: Paper Money.

Green Light: When someone is marked for death.

Ghetto Penthouse: The top Level of a cell block.

Gunner: A prisoner that masturbates when looking at a female correctional officer.


Hack: A guard.

Has the Keys: An inmate that is in charge, calls the shots.

Heat Wave: An inmate that attracts scrutiny by guards.

Heart Check: An inmate that murders someone to prove that they are still in a gang.

High Class: Hepatitis C.

Hook Ups: A food  mixture.

Hole: Solitary Confinement.

Hooped: Hiding contraband in your rectum.

Hot Rail: When a group of prisoners circle around another prisoner so he could have sex with his girlfriend.

Hot Medders: These are prisoners that use over the counter medication.

Hot One: A murder charge.

House: Your Cell.


Iced: Murdering an inmate or guard.

Iron Pile: Weights.

In the Car: When a person is in on a deal or plan.

In the Cut: You are hidden away from the guards or surveillance cameras.


J-Cat: A mentally disturbed person.

Jack Book: A book containing pictures of women.

Jacket: The reputation a prisoner has or the docket that contains the prisoners information.

Jack Mack: Canned Mackerel. Sometimes they use it in a sock as a weapon.

Jackrabbit Parole: Escape.

Jail: This is a short term facility for prisoners that only have to serve less than a year.

Jolt: A long sentence.

Jones:  A Habit.

Juice Card: The influence a prisoner has with either guard or prisoners.

Junie Cakes: Butt cheeks.

June Bug: A prisoner that is regarded as a slave to others.

Jump the Broom: When prisoners get married.


Keister: To smuggle illegal substances using your rectum.

Kill: To masturbate.

Kitty Kitty: A name for a female corrections officer by male inmates.

Kick Rocks: Prisoners would tell another prisoner to “Kick Rocks” so they will go away.


Lame Duck: A prisoner that is standing alone in a yard and is an easy target.

Lifer: A prisoner serving a life sentence.

Life Jolt: A life sentence.

Limbo: The jail time you do before trial.

Line: The general population.

Lockdown: When prisoners are locked in their cells.

L.W.O.P. : You pronounce it “el-wop” and means Life without the possibility of parole.


Mafias: Dark Sunglasses.

Mainline: The general prison population.

Make Paper: Make parole.

Mando: Mandatory.

May Tag: A homosexual that is forced to do favors for another prisoner.

Max Out: Serving out your full sentence.

Meat Wagon: A Hospital ambulance.

Moe: Married a homosexual in prison.

Molly Whopped: To beat someone in a fight or get beaten in a fight.

Monkey Mouth: A prisoner that talks and talks with no apparent meaning to the conversation.

Mud: Coffee.

Mule: The person that carries contraband for a prisoner.


Netted Up: A prisoner having a mental breakdown.

New Booties: A prisoner with a first time conviction.

Nickel: A five year Prison sentence.

No Smoke: If you let guards do things without resisting or protest.

Nut Up: If someone is going crazy.

Ninja Turtles: Prison guards wearing their riot gear.


O.G.: This is a term of respect given to older prisoners that have been in the system for a long time and means “Original Gangster.”

Old Lady: A passive gay partner.

On Pipe: Homosexual.

On the Line: When something is for sale.

On the Nod: When someone is experiencing the effects of Heroin.


Pack Ratted: When someone is beaten up by a group.

PB: Peanut Butter.

PC: Protective custody.

PO: Parole Officer.

Pecker Palace: An Area for conjugal visits.

Peels: The orange clothing that is worn by inmates in certain prisons.

Phone: The toilet is emptied to talk to other prisoners through the pipes.

Pillow Biter: A person getting sodomized.

Pitcher: The dominant sexual partner.

Pole Smoker: A gay person.

Policing: It is an officer that does their job really well.

Porcelain Termite: An inmate that breaks the toilet in his/her cell when they get angry.

Prize of the poor: The Death Penalty.

Prison Pocket: This is a reference to someones anus.

Programmer: These are the prisoners that spend most of their time studying and taking classes. They are considered the nerds of the prison.

Pruno:  An alcoholic drink inmates make.

Put some water on it: This is when an inmate is using the facilities and the smell is so bad that the other prisoners yell at him/her to flush the toilet.

Pull the Pin: Call for help.

Pumpkin Head: What you call the appearance of someone’s head after they have bean beaten with a weight inside a pillow case.

Punk City: Protective Custody.


Rabbit: High escape risk.

Rag: A name for the humble bandana.

Ratchette: A nurse.

Reals: what they call brand name cigarettes.

Red Light Special: what they call a hit that has been ordered on a rival gang member.

Retired: Someone that will be in prison for life.

Rev: A religious prisoner.

Road Kill: Prisoners are often used to clean next to roads. There they pick up old cigarette butts and take them back to prison. They take the tobacco out and re roll them to make new cigarettes.

Road Dog: Prisoners that often walk together or also best friends.

Ride Leg: This is when a prisoner is stroking the egos of the officers in order to gain a favor.

Ripper: Convicted rapist.


Safe: Using a vagina to hide contraband.

Sallyport: A secured area that leads in and out of a prison.

Scooper: Someone that eats with a spoon.

Short Eyes: A child Molester.

Shower Hawk: Someone that looks for his victims in the showers.

Siberia: The Isolation area.

Signed In: When you enter protective custody.

Sister: Young prisoners who would trade sex for protection.

Skating: Inmates being in an off limits area of the prison.

Skittles: Over the counter medication.

Slam: A prisoner thrown to the ground.

Sleep: To knock someone out.

Son: Punk.

Speeding Ticket: Violations that are perpetrated in the visitors room.

Spider Monkey: Doing hard time.

Spud Juice: Alcohol made in the prison.

Stand your gate: When a prisoner is ordered to stand outside his or her cell.

S to Life: When you play a basketball game with no rules.

Stash: Hiding something.

Stinger: Gun.

Strapped: When a prisoner is carrying a weapon.

Stainless Steel Ride: Execution by lethal injection.

Store: This is when an

Stretch: A Long Prison sentence.

Splash: Shower.

Stiched up: Resolving a problem through fighting.

Stress Box: The pay phone booth.

Sucker Stroking: When you miss your girlfriend so much that you cry.

Swag: A sandwich made by kitchen workers to pay off a debt.

Sweetie-Gold: Cakes that are wrapped and used for gambling.


Tack: Tattoo.

Tack Head: Someone’s woman.

Take Flight: When you attack someone using your fists.

Tally Ho: Rubber glue that is inhaled.

Tank: Shower.

Teardrop: A ten-year sentance.

Tip: A prison gang.

Tailor-Made: If you think it had anything to do with golf you would be wrong. It is cigarettes that come packaged as opposed to ones you roll yourself.

Tat: Tattoo.

Three Knee Deep: When someone is stabbed as a warning and not to kill.

Tit: Drugs.

Toosh Hog: A hard Ass.

Torpedo: You have the shot callers and then you also have their right hand men which are called a torpedo.

Tossing Salad: A week usually young inmate made to lick the anus of an older, stronger inmate.

To the Door: The length of the prison sentence as in ” I got seven to the door.”

Trailer: A conjugal visit.

Trick: A non prisoner that provides favors or money.

Tuck: When you hide something in your anus.

Tune Up: This is when you have been severely beaten by an officer.

Turn Out: To rape someone to turn them into a Punk.

Twist your cap: To kill someone.


Up the Road: When someone is transported from jail to the prison.


Vampire: Someone who draws blood.


The Walk: The yellow lines that leads to the different areas in the prison. The prisoners have to walk on a certain side of the line.

Walkalone: These are prisoners that do not come into contact or exercise with other prisoners and are usually death row inmates.

Walking down Paper: When you are serving the time on your sentence where you are eligible for parole.

Warehouse: Overcrowded prison with no facilities or programs.

Waterhead: A not so bright inmate.

Waterbags: Prisoners use trash bags filled with water and then attached on both sides of a broomstick to make a barbell and do exercises.

Wave Cap: A piece of or cloth worn on a prisoner’s head.

Weedy-Weedy: when you Snitch.

Wham Whams: Cookies and sweets.

White Shirts: The high ranking prison officials.

Whippets: This is drugs that are mixed with Cool-Aid or other similar products.

Wire: Information that comes over the phone.

Wobble Head: Mentally ill prisoners.

Wolf: A predatory prisoner.

Wreck: When a prisoner gets into trouble.

Yard: The exercise are of the prison.


Yo Yo: A prisoner that is not sexually active with other prisoners.


Zoom Zooms: Cookies and sweets.

We know this is not an exhaustive list of prison slang terms. So, if you have a term or two we should ad, let us know and we would be more than happy to ad it to the list.


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