Prostitution in Prison

Prostitution is not a subject that people would talk about. Most people feel ashamed if they use that service. In prison it is a different story, it is a very lucrative business if you have enough money and know the right people. Here I will talk about how the prisoners keep themselves busy with prostitution and what you can buy if you have the money.

In some countries, there are prostitutes that only service the prisons, they range from cheap for the normal prisoner. Expensive ones for the drug lords, serial killers and people in prison with lots of influence. A lot of the times the correctional officers would join in the action, and they would make sure the girls have a room where they can work.

Prisons mostly deny prostitution as it gives them a bad reputation. For a new prisoner, whether you have or have not used the services of prostitution before. The chances are that in some way you would either start using their services or hear about their services in detail. If you think about it, prostitution is not that strange for a prison, they may be killers, but they still have desires, and they do get lonely. I am in no way condoning prostitution, but I can understand the way they do it.

Prostitution in male prisons

Interestingly in men prisons, prostitution occur between the inmates, it does not matter what color or race you are, inmates would sometimes pimp each other out and make a percentage. If you do not have money, they will trade goods. Depending on how much you want to sleep with the other inmates the more you can make.

In 2013 in Fairfax County an inmate was investigated for orchestrating a prostitution ring out of his jail cell. His name is Lenny Paul Haskins, 32 years of age he was arrested for failure to appear in court for a misdemeanor offense and possession of marijuana. Lenny contacted two prostitutes from inside his jail cell, responding to an advertisement online. The prostitutes worked out of Rockville Best Western Hotel And all the money from the prostitutes were traced directly to Lenny’s commissary account at the jail. Lenny has a criminal history going back to 2003 for prostitution, robbery, narcotics and weapon smuggling.

In October 2015,  Giedre Ruseckaite, 24 living in Nevada pleaded guilty of sex trafficking of a child. She was the girlfriend and trusted assistant of Lenny. With Giedre’s help, the profits made from the sex trafficking helped pay for Lenny’s prison bought items and telephone calls. Because there is constant monitoring in prison Lenny would talk in code over the phone.

Giedre helped Lenny with the transporting of girls, collecting money, buying condoms and advising the girls on different sex acts. She also posted advertisements online. When the police arrested Giedre she was with her three-year-old son, the police charged her with child neglect and prostitution. I suppose with Giedre behind bars, Lenny’s operation had a setback. Good for all those innocent women who deserve a much better life.

Prostitution in female prisons

Female prisons are entirely different. Women inmates would sleep with the guards; they use the women guards as their personal shoppers and for other contraband. One female prisoner recalls where a kitchen boss in a Dallas prison was arrested for having sex with a detainee in the kitchen.

Prostitution in prisons is a form of control and for getting things you need. Some prisoners feel they do not have a choice and sometimes it is not a mutual decision but a forced one.

In one of Florida’s most notorious women prisons, Lowell prison a lot of women have complained of being forced into prostitution for basic amenities. There are little authorities can do about these claims as there are not many

security cameras and not a lot of evidence to back up the prisoners claim. Most of these women suffer in silence as they continually get abused by the correctional officers.

Since 2005 only two of the guards has faced charges of sexual misconduct, they were never convicted. A former warden of Lowell prison said in an interview that he believes about forty percent of the staff at Lowell prison is corrupt.

Ginger Ullman and ex-inmate of Lowell prison said she left the prison with $6,000. She stated that she earned that money performing sexual favors for the guards and writing letters to lonely men. She said that if her boyfriend brings her something like cigarettes and she refuses to perform sexual favors, she would be put in confinement and lose all her property.

Another inmate of Lowell prison Crystal Harper said in an interview that she had to play with herself and then the guards would pay her $150. The guards sometimes did not even pay her and not only did she feel violated she had no money to buy the essential amenities.

Crystal filed a complaint against the officers, and after that, she was put in solitary confinement for months until she wrote a witness statement saying that it never happened.

One of the prison’s new wardens Angela Gordon responded to the claims saying that there are a few bad officers. But the prison is overall run by good people doing a good job. I do not want to rain on their parade, but with all the ex-prisoners accounts of what happened inside the prison, it does not seem all that good to me.

I do feel sorry for these women they may have done bad things, but nobody deserves to be used and abused against your will.

Interesting prison prostitution in Bali

Now we are traveling to Bali. Bali has one of the most notorious prisons. It is called Hotel K. Kerobokan prison where you can get anything if you have money. You can order a hotel like service, and it does not stop at normal things like food and essential amenities, you can even order your prostitutes. You can order them through the guards, or even catalogs. Guards would organize wild sex nights for prisoners who have the money. The guards would make sure that the prisoners have enough prostitutes to choose from. Some of the prisoners that have influence in Hotel K would pay for their prostitutes to stay overnight. You can get a room and sometimes a mattress to entertain the prostitutes

On sex nights the prisoners would pay for a certain amount of time with a prostitute. And they would stand long lines to get some action. For inmates who have no money, they would take their chance to have sex when it is visiting hours. As space is limited in Kerobokan visitors and prisoners, sit neck on neck in the visiting area sometimes on the cold concrete floor. It is nothing strange to see women’s hands goes up and down in the visiting area. Your chances of catching a sex sickness in Kerobokan prison is high as the prison thrives off prostitution. If you go to Kerobokan prison, you have to make sure that you have enough support and friends inside and out of the prison. Only the strong can survive.

One European prisoner who did not have sex in prison for two and a half years splurged $100 to sleep with a prostitute. He stands in line with eight other prisoners waiting for his turn to have sex with the prostitute. While the prostitute was busy with the other prisoners, they could watch everything from a small window. When it was his turn, he spent thirty minutes on a dirty semen-stained mattress.

Believe it or not, it is illegal to have sex in prison. It does not stop the prisoners from Hotel K; they use every possible nook and cranny to do their dirty deeds. Jail doctors rent out mattresses, and the medical clinic to prisoners for sex and guards rent out their offices. Guards would sometimes join in when they see someone having sex with their wife or girlfriend. If you do not comply, they will beat you senseless.

Final thoughts on prostitution in prison

Prison is meant to be there to hold people who have done something criminal and to help them. There is no prison that is free from corruption, sex, drugs, and prostitution.

How can the system help people if prisons allow all this criminal activity?  All it tells the criminals is that they can continue with all their criminal behavior. So is prison useful? I mean some of the biggest prostitution ring leaders in prison are more successful inside prison than they were outside. What morals are we setting for the new generation? That it wrong not to uphold the law but, if you go to prison you can break the law and if you make sure that you buy corrections officers and law enforcement officers you are untouchable.

A lot of prisons deny all allegations of corruption, and they mostly try to deal with it internally. No system is perfect and no matter whom we are and what we do. But as the saying goes “We all have a price.”

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