Ricky Abeyta, Mass Murder Over a Breakup

  • Mass Murderer Ricky Abeyta shoots seven people on 26 January 1991
  • 6 Victims died at the scene, and only one survived
  • He gave himself up the next day after a massive manhunt
  • Serving a 146-year sentence on 20th December 1991.
  • This murder spree was New Mexico’s largest mass slaying.

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Ignacita knew Ricky is dangerous

Ricky was only 29 and he worked as a construction worker in Chimayo, Rio Arriba County, New Mexico. He lived with his girlfriend Ignacita Sandoval 36. Everything started when Ricky came home to find Ignacita packing her belongings, she said she was leaving him. His rage erupted, and he shot Ignacita.

According to reports, Ignacita was already dead when two police officers came to deliver a restraining order. Only a few days prior, Ignacita got a restraining order against Ricky. She told the court that Ricky tried to shoot her. They interrupted Ricky’s murder spree and had no idea what was going on at the time. Deputy Sheriff Jerry Martinez 30 and police officer Glen Huber 35 was shot through the window of their car and died on the scene.

Ricky also killed Ignacita’s daughter Maryellen(19) and Maryellen’s sixth-month-old baby Justin Gonzales. He also killed Maryellen’s boyfriend, Marcario Gonzales(19), and Ignacita’s sister Cheryl Rendon(24).

Ignacita’s son 13 had a non-fatal gunshot wound.  It is unknown how many of the victims were already dead when the police arrived, all we do know is that on 26 January 1991 seven people were shot. After the murders, Ricky fled to the hills, and the police searched for him by foot and helicopter.

How did the Police find Ricky?

After a 24 hour manhunt, Ricky went to his brother in law Manuel Sanchez and told him he wants to turn himself in.

Ricky was found guilty and sentenced to 146 years in prison on the 20th December 1991.

According to the police, Ricky had a massive temper and was arrested on previous occasions, the charges were aggravated assault, harassment by telephone and larceny, but he was never convicted.


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