Rory Enrique Conde

Childhood and family life

Rory Enrique Conde was born in Barranquilla, Colombia on 14th of June 1965. At the age of 6, his mother died of tetanus and he was raised by his grandmother until age 12. He then moved to Miami to live with his father Gustavo Conde. The relationship between him and his father was a strained one and his father emotionally abused him.

Rory got married in 1987 to Carla Conde. They had two children together. Carla complained he was an abusive husband and said his outburst’s was because his father sexually abused him.

In 1992, he was in jailed for a short while over a fight he had with Carla. After his release they moved to Trail Heights Gardens and lived in a condo. By now they were estranged and he would disappear during the night.

In July 1994, Carla moved out and took the children to live with her parents.

The murders committed by Rory Conde

Rory’s first victim was Lazaro Comesana, his body was found on the Tamiami trail on 16th of September 1994, Lazaro’s was strangled to death. Lazaro was a cross dresser male prostitute and Rory killed him after he made the discovery during intercourse.

On the 8th of October 1994, Elisa Martinez’s body was found dumped on the sidewalk of the Tamiani trail, she was strangled to death.

Charity Nava’s body was found on the 20th of November 1994, strangled to death on the same trail as the other bodies. She did have two markings on her back which Rory taunted the police. The markings said:  “Third and See if you can catch me.”

On the 24th of November 1994, Wanda Crawford’s body was found on the trail, strangled to death.

Necole Schneider and Rhonda Dunn’s bodies were found on the 17th of December 1994, and January 1995, respectively both strangled to death.

After the body of Rhonda was discovered the police in Miami connected all the cases with DNA evidence to an unknown donor. Rory only killed prostitutes and his method was strangulation and he had anal sex with the dead bodies.

Rory gets arrested

Rory kidnapped Gloria Maestre 30, a prostitute. He gagged and bound her in his bathroom. While he was in court for a shoplifting charge Gloria managed to make enough noise to attract a neighbour’s attention and they phoned the police.

After the police untied her she pointed Rory out in the photos in the house as her attacker and he was arrested on the 24th of 1995.  He was at his grandmother’s house in Hialeah when he got arrested.

During questioning he confessed to six murders and told the investigators he started killing after his wife left him. He was charged with six counts of murder on the 12th of July 1995.

Rory had to stand trial for each murder. His first trail was for Ronda Dunn, where he confessed and found guilty and sentenced to death.

As part of his plea bargain he pleaded guilty to the rest of the murders in return for 5 consecutive life sentences without the possibility of parole on the 5th of April 2001.

It was one of the biggest man hunts in Miami Dade County. At one stage there were 108 investigators on the case and they worked through 5,000 leads.

Rory was 4,919 on the list of leads, it turns out he escaped the authorities for so long because no one suspected him. His neighbours said he was a friendly suburban father and never bothered anyone. He even helped out in the community if someone needed something.

Rory was dubbed the Tamiami Strangler because; he dumped all the bodies on the road. Tamiami Trail is the nickname for Highway 41 from Tampa to Miami.

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