The Most Famous Murders in the World

There are so many murders committed every day. Listing them all would be impossible. So many people suffer heartache and pain because of these atrocious crimes. Some murders, do, however, capture the media limelight and brings the world and communities together. Here is my list of some of the most famous murders ever committed.

Table of Content:

The JFK Assassination
JonBenet Ramsey
Andrea Jates
Adam Lanza
Reeva Steenkamp
The Versace Killing
The Lindbergh Kidnapping
Bonnie and Clyde
Corey Miller
Rae Carruth
Jodi Arias – Travis Alexander
Ariel Castro
Dr. Jeffery Macdonald
The Halls – Mills Murders
Georgette Bauerdorf
Dorothy Stratten
The Wall Street Bombing
Joy Adamson

The JFK Assassination

President Kennedy well liked by most, was assassinated on the 22nd November 1963. And unless you were living under a rock, you know that this story was covered by the world media and the assassination shocked the entire planet.

President Kennedy was busy touring for his re-election, and he had an excellent chance to be re-elected as President. On that

Assasinated president Jhon F. Kennedy
John F. Kennedy

fateful day. he was in Dallas in Texas as thousands crowded the street to get a glimpse of the Kennedy’s, at the turnoff at Dealey Plaza the sound of gunfire went through the plaza. The bullet struck the President in the neck and head, and he fell over into Mrs. Kennedy’s lap.

The car went into gear and sped off to the Memorial Hospital. It was too late, the President was pronounced dead at 1:00 pm and it left a nation angry, confused and mourning.

The police arrested Lee Harvey Oswald an employee of the Texas School Book Depository one hour after the President’s shooting. Lee was brought to the basement of the Dallas police station on the 24th November to a more secure jail. On his way to the police station, Harvey was shot and fatally wounded by a single shot from a .38 revolver. The shooter was Jack Ruby; he said the shooting was because he was mad that Harvey shot the President. A lot of other people think he killed Harvey so that he could not reveal a larger conspiracy plot.

Jack Ruby was charged with second-degree murder. He operated strip joints and dance halls in Dallas and had minor connections to organized crime. Jack pleaded guilty at his trial; the jury was not swayed by Jack’s pleas and sentence him to death. In October 1966 the death sentence decision was overturned on grounds of improper admission of testimony. While he awaited his new trial Jack Ruby died of lung cancer. It is a very interesting fact that a lot of people involved with the Kennedy assassination case died in a very short period of time.

In 1964 the Warren Commission report concluded that neither Jack Ruby nor Harvey Lee was part of any larger conspiracy to assassinate President JF Kennedy.

There are however report shows that think the assassination was part of some conspiracy that may involved different shooters and organized crime.

5 Things About The Assassination You May Not Know

  1. Lee Harvey Oswald was never formally arrested for the shooting of President JF Kennedy; he was arrested for fatally shooting a Dallas patrolman D Tippitt 45 minutes after the JFK shooting.
  2. Killing or attempting to harm a President was not a federal offense until 1965, two years after President Kennedy’s You would think that they would have changed it a long time ago since before President Kennedy’s death there were three attempted assassinations on three different presidents of the United States.
  3. Ten minutes after Presidents Kennedy’s death, CBS broadcast the first nationwide news bulletin on the shooting. They covered the assassination case for four days straight. It was the longest continuous news broadcast event before the September 11 attacks.
  4. It was the first and only time that a woman swore in a United State’s Vice President. Lyndon Johnson was sworn in aboard Air Force One by Federal Judge Sarah Hudges just hours after the assassination of President Kennedy.
  5. Eight months before the assassination of President Kennedy, Lee Harvey tried to kill a former US Army General Edwin Walker who was an outspoken critic of the Kennedy Administration and opposed to racially integrated schools. Walker sustained minor injuries from the bullet fragments.

JonBenet Ramsey

This is a very tragic story of a very beautiful young girl that lost her life way too soon. She was born in Atlanta, Georgia on August 6, 1990. JonBenet had two half sisters and two half brothers, she was named after her father, and her name is pronounced in the French style (zhawn ben-AY). She was a beauty queen, and she won several different pageants over her short life. JonBenet’s story was the most published murder investigation in the 1990’s and still unsolved.

Jonbenet Ramsey victim of a brutal crime that shook the world
JonBenet Ramsey

She was killed in her family’s house in the early hours of the 26 December 1996.She sustained a blow to her head and was strangled with a garrote she was also sexually assaulted, a rather gruesome and a very up close and personal murder of such a delicate little girl. What should have been a very easy murder case for the police turned out to be an unsolved case and even with all the technology they still have no new leads.

The police suspected that her mother Patsy Ramsy or JonBenet’s nine-year-old brother killed her. The police suspected that the ransom note was written by her parents to cover up the murder.  For years the family was investigated, and the police came up short of any leads. On June 24, 2006, Patsy Ramsy died of ovarian cancer.  July 2008 the Ramsey family was cleared of all charges of JonBenet’s murder with the new touch DNA.

Boulder District Attorney Mary Lacy formally apologized in a letter to Jon Ramsey after his family lived under a cloud of suspicion for twelve years.

Andrea Yates

Famous murder andrea yates killed her own children
Andrea Yates

Andrea was born on July 2nd, 1964 in Houston Texas. She excelled in school and was a valedictorian. Andrea suffered from depression, and when Andrea was seventeen years old, she talked about suicide. After school, she graduated from the University of Texas school of Nursing. She worked as a nurse in M.D Anderson Cancer Centre in Texas from 1986 till 1994.

She married Rusty Yates on April 17th, 1993. Andrea was treated in 1999 for postpartum depression and psychosis illnesses that ran in her family. Andrea and husband Rusty looked like a normal happy family, and people would often remark that they have good Christian values. After the death of Andrea’s father and the birth of her fifth child, she could not take it anymore and fell into severe depression. She was admitted into the Devereux-Texas Treatment Network. Andrea recovered and was sent home months after she was admitted to the Treatment Network.

The 20th of June 2001 was the day that Andrea’s and her family’s life changed forever. Between Rusty leaving the house for work and her mother on her way to their house she decided to drown all 5 of their children in the bathtub. Andrea’s kid’s age range from 16 months to 7 years old.

Rusty stood by his wife throughout the trail; Rusty was convinced that it was not his wife that killed their children but the illness that she had. She pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity, the jury rejected the insanity defense and found her guilty of first-degree murder and sentenced her to life in prison.

In the same year that Andrea was sentenced her husband set up the Yates Memorial Fund in memory of their children, Rusty divorced Andrea in 2004 and remarried in 2006. January 6th, 2005 the Texas Court of Appeals reversed her convictions, and in 2006 she was found not guilty by reason of insanity and was transferred to the Kerrville State Hospital. She is 51 years old now and spend her days looking at videos of her children laughing and playing in the garden, and she mostly avoids other people in the hospital.

Adam Lanza – Highschool Shooting

The only real question we as a community can ask is Why? Why would you take a human life or lives just because people treat you bad. This is what happened in the case of Adam Lanza. This story gripped the world; I remembered I watched the story on television and could not believe that it was happening. Adam was only 20 years old.

adam lanza - school shooting killer
Adam Lanza

Adam Lanza was born on April 22, 1992, in Exeter, New Hampshire. Adam’s parents divorced in December 2008. Adam’s classmates described him as deeply troubled, and he was also diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome.

On the day of 14 December 2012 Adam shot his mother in the head with a .22 Calibre Savage MK rifle, she was believed to be in bed with her pajamas. After that he took her car and drove to Sandy Hook Elementary School with the intention to kill. We will never know what exactly drove him to such extent. But speculation goes that he resented his parents for divorcing, and he hates school as he had no friends and was bullied by the children in school. Adam felt alienated from the world, and he felt that no one helped him.

After arriving at the Sandy Hook Elementary School, Adam shot his way through the front class doors of the school. He killed 20 students between the ages of five and ten years old, Adam also killed five adult workers. Adam fired between 50 and 100 shots. After shooting 25 people, he turned the gun on himself and fatally shot himself in the head.

A year after the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School the police still could not find any evidence as to why Adam went on a killing rampage at the school. The police did find a lot of books on mass killings and a lot of ammunition that Adam had in his room. The police were very perplexed about Adam’s death; he did not leave a suicide note or any indication that he took any drugs or alcohol.

I think Adam knew he could not live with himself when he killed innocent kids and therefore Adam felt the best decision was to take his own life. No matter how perplexing Adam’s death might be, he was a mass murderer and had no right to take the lives of young children, children that may have been the next president or even a doctor that could save hundreds of lives. There are programs in place for people like Adam where if you felt neglected, you could talk to someone. Adam was in chat rooms where people talked about murder, and he surrounded himself with dark thoughts.

Reeva Steenkamp

From the heart of South Africa comes a chilling story. One of a very successful amputated sprinter who murdered his model girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp. The story of Oscar was published in over 18 countries excluding online publications. South Africans and also the world was gripped by this story. And after four years the South African news publications is still reporting of Oscar and his current life in prison.

Reeva steenkamp murder victim of oscar pistorius
Reeva Steenkamp

Oscar Pistorius was born on 22nd November 1986 in Johannesburg. Both Oscar’s legs were amputated when he was 11 months old. Oscar grew up in a Christian household, Oscar’s mother died when Oscar was just 15 years old, Oscar said his mother had a major influence on his life. In school, Oscar was very active in sport and played rugby, water polo, and tennis at provincial level. Oscar was part of the Olympic Park Wrestling Club in Pretoria. In January 2004 he was introduced to running, within a few months, he won gold at the 2004 Paralympics.

Oscar had a wonderful career between 2004 and 2012 where he took home several gold medals He competed in Olympic Events and was known as the Blade Runner and The Fastest Man on no legs. Oscar and Reeva Steenkamp had problems in their relationship and Reeva confessed to her mother that she was not happy and that she and Oscar fought a lot.

They were only three months together when Oscar murdered Reeva. It was on the 14 February 2013 when Reeva was fatally shot and killed by Oscar. He admitted to killing Reeva but thought that she was intruder that hide in the bathroom. As if he did not know that she was not in bed, he meant to shoot her as he knew she was in the bathroom. He’s story about an intruder hiding in the bathroom is stupid, nobody shoot first and then asked Oh! Where is my girlfriend?

According to me, he should have gotten a life sentence with no chance of parole but the South African justice system is so broken, instead, Oscar got six years in jail. That is appalling, just because he is famous he can take someone’s life. Still many people are unhappy he went to jail. The case of Oscar was very influential to the people in South Africa, and it was a very difficult case, there was a lot of bribery in this case as well.

These days Oscar is still in jail serving his six-year sentence after a failed appeal attempt. He is said to be very remorseful, and he prays a lot for Reeva’s family, it will not bring Reeva back but, seemed to recover good from killing his girlfriend in cold blood, and he is looking forward to going home and proceed with his career.

The family of Oscar has told him that he must not live in his fantasy world and that when he comes out of prison, he will not have a career anymore and will be forever branded as a killer. Oscar does not have sponsors anymore, and after Reeva’s murder, Oscar was investigated for illegal substances when he was running.

Oscar’s family is optimistic and still visit him in jail; they asked the public to stop condemning Oscar for making a mistake and to grant him some privacy.

The Versace Killing

Andrew Cunanan was born in California on August 31st, 1969, Andrew’s mother called him a high-class male prostitute and his father defended him by saying he was an altar boy. He had a very normal upbringing, and no one could find any signs of a serialGianni versace designer murder victom killer in his family life, up until today no-one knew what set him off to kill five people in cold blood.


Andrew started his criminal career on 27th April 1997 by going cross country and killed four people, with a massive manhunt already in place, Andrew struck again.This time he killed the very famous designer Gianni Versace on Gianni’s South Beach Mansion in his boat house. Gianni and Andrew were both openly gay and ran in the same circles but police could not found any evidence that they ever met. Gianni was one of Andrew’s random victims, and the world lost one of the greatest’s designers of the 21st century.

Andrew’s criminal career came to an end on July 23, 40 blocks away from Gianni’s house; the police found him dead with a self-inflicted bullet wound the same gun that took the lives of five other random victims. He did not leave any suicide note, and he did the world a favor by killing himself.

The Lindbergh Kidnapping

This was a very sad story of a 20-month-year-old baby Charles Augustus Lindbergh Jr that was kidnapped from his house on March 1, 1932. This was famous murder because Charles Lindbergh Snr was an American hero, five years before the kidnapping Charles Snr was the first man to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean. They became a well-known family that everyone wants to be in.

After the kidnapping, Charles Snr’s wife found a ransom note of $50.000 in their son’s room. The killer used a ladder to climb to the room of Charles jar and left muddy footprints. There was speculation that the killer was close to the family and had inside knowledge of how the house looked liked.

There was a lot of people that gave a helping hand even Al Capone had offered to help them at that stage. Al Capone was already in jail. For three days the police searched and could not found any clues, then came the second demand and now it is $70.000.

The kidnappers gave instructions where the money could be dropped off and when and where their child will be safe on board a boat. After they paid the ransom they searched in vain for Charles Jnr and the boat and could not find either of them; it became apparent that the kidnappers got away with a lot of money and murder.

Shortly after the Lindbergh’s paid the ransom the body of their son was found, Charles Jnr was killed on the night of the kidnapping. The parents were so heartbroken that they donated the mansion to charity and moved away.

In September 1934 the first marked bill got used that was part of the ransom money at a gas station. The car belonged to German immigrant Bruno Hauptmann. On searching Hauptmann’s house, the police found the money from the kidnapping. Hauptmann claimed that he had no connection to the crime and that a friend gave the money to him to hold.

The trial was a national sensation, the case against Hauptmann was not very strong. And they only had circumstantial evidence against him but because of the evidence and all the pressure from the media he was convicted and electrocuted in 1936.

To this day there is speculation about the innocence of Hauptmann. Some say he was framed other say he was just at the wrong place and time we will never know. He did, however, insist he is innocent up until his death. The parents of Charles jr remained in the background throughout the trial and sentencing of Hauptmann, Charles Snr said he just want to be left alone, and nothing would bring son back and whoever killed his son robbed him of a wonderful life that he could have had with his son.

Bonnie And Clyde

The most notorious crime couple in American history and forever a cult classic on the silver screens. In January 1930 they met and fell in love instantly. A few days later Bonnie helped Clyde escape from jail. Clyde was 21 at the time years and already multiple felons. From that moment on they were partners in crime.

bonnie and clyde crime couple that famously also murdered 13 people
Bonnie and Clyde

They started their crime career together in the summer of 1932 to spring 1934. They cross country in stolen cars, robbing gas stations, grocery stores and on some occasions banks. Interestingly Bonnie never fired a gun during their crime spree together while Clyde killed 13 people including two police officers and some bystanders.

Their crime life together came to an end after they were betrayed by a friend of them and Bonnie and Clyde were shot by the FBI at a police roadblock in Louisiana on 23rd May 1934.

Some more interesting facts about Bonnie and Clyde

Bonnie and Clyde both wanted to be famous but not for what they hoped. Clyde was very interested in making music and taught himself the saxophone, at one stage it seemed that he would pursue a career in music, under the influence of his older brother he’s interesting change from playing music to stealing cars. Bonnie also loved music and loved to be onstage she dreamed of becoming an actress on the silver screen and told her friends that one day they would see her name on the billboards.

In the four active years, Bonnie and Clyde had robbed less than 15 banks. Since they were just two people it was very difficult for them to rob banks they instead robbed grocery stores and gas stations as the risk was much lower. Because the takes of the robberies were so low, they had to rob more stores and was easier to track.

Bonnie did not smoke. In a very famous picture Bonnie stood with a pistol in her hand and a cigar in her mouth, the picture was taken as part of their personal collection of comical photos. The picture with a few other picture’s was found on a roll of film in their hideout when the police raided the house.

Bonnie did like to drink, and a few people often saw her drunk. Clyde did not drink, but he smoked as he felt that if he drinks he would lose his senses and made dumb mistakes.

When Bonnie died, she was a married woman but not to Clyde. Many people believed Bonnie married when she was sixteen to a man called Roy Thorton. Roy was Bonnie’s classmate in Texas and marriage was the only way out for her as she had a miserable life. Bonnie did not know that Roy was a thief and a cheat, Roy would disappear for long periods, and when he came back, he was aggressive and abusive. Roy ended up with a five-year sentence and was still in prison when he learned about his wife’s death. Bonnie died with her wedding ring still on her finger.

Bonnie and Clyde had problems walking. When Clyde was sentenced to 14 years in jail for stealing cars and robbing stores in 1930. He was sent to a harsh hard-labour penitentiary. Clyde only served one and a half years thanks to his mother’s pleas although it seems it came too late.

Clyde was starved, abused and raped, one day Clyde wanted to escape a difficult work detail, so he cut off 2 of his toes on his left foot with an ax, his balance was never the same. While Bonnie and Clyde were on the road in the summer of 1933, Clyde did not see the sign that said the road was under construction. He missed the turn and drove into a dry riverbed. The car’s battery spurted acid all over Bonnie’s leg. After that incident Bonnie was hopping around for the rest of her life. Sometimes Clyde even carried her eyewitness told the police.

Bonnie and Clyde were very devoted to their families and would make frequent trips to their families. When Bonnie and Clyde made lot’s of money when they stole their families would benefit as they would share the money with them. When they were struggling in their criminal career, their families would help them out with money, clothes and sometimes a place to sleep as well. Ironically their devotion to their families would be their undoing.

Bonnie and Clyde was very difficult to embalm. They died in a hailstorm of bullets; there were 17 holes in Clyde’s body and 26 holes in Bonnie’s body. There were so many holes in them that it was difficult to keep the embalming fluid in their bodies.

Bonnie liked to write poetry. She loved to make up songs and stories. When Bonnie was in jail for a short time she wrote ten poems that she grouped “Poetry From Life’s Other Side.” The poems was about criminals and how women would suffer because of them. She continued to write poems and had written a poem about her and Clyde’s situation.

Bonnie and Clyde did die together as her head rested on his shoulders, but they were buried separately.

Steve Thomas murdered by Corey Miller

Corey was an American rapper, songwriter, and actor. He was better known as C-Murder, he released nine different albums with only one album that went platinum. The album is called Life or Death, and it released in 1998.

corey miller A.K.A C Murder
Corey Miller

Corey was born in New Orleans, Louisiana on March 9, 1971. In 2002 Corey was convicted for the beating and fatal shooting of a fan Steve Thomas who was just sixteen years old. The crime took place in the now closed club called Platinum Club in Harvey, Louisiana. He was however put under house arrest after Judge Martha Sassone granted a new trial on the basis that the prosecutor withheld criminal background information on three of their witnesses.

Corey’s new trail started on the 5th of August 2009. On August the 14th, 2009 Corey was found guilty of second-degree murder. There were some jurors on the second trail that were not convinced that Corey killed Steve. Eventually they cracked under pressure and because of this information on the 28th of December 2011 Corey’s conviction was upheld.

On February the 19th 2013, Corey’s final appeal was rejected by the Supreme Court, and it seems that after he exhausts all his options, he was now destined to remain in jail to serve his sentence.

He is currently serving a life sentence and is now 46 years old. There was a story that Obama the American President then would pardon him but because Corey was convicted of a state crime. Under the American Constitution, the President can only pardon or commute sentences for federal crimes.

The Murder of Cherica Adams – Rae Carruth

Rae was an all-time American football player. He was born in 1974 in Sacramento, and although he had some academic problems in school, he won a sports scholarship to college.

The University of Colorado recruited Rae. When he was 23 years old, he signed a four-year contract with the Panthers for $3.7 million. With just one year into his contract, he broke his foot, and his career was hanging on a threat. As the rumor goes, the Panthers feel that he was a liability for them.

Rae was a regular playboy, and during his career, he was regularly seen with a lot of women. A lot of people close to the Rae felt that he acted out, as he was rich, handsome and famous. Rae’s girlfriend at the time was Cherica Adams.

Cherica Adams grew up in Kings Mountain, North Carolina and after a few years relocating to Charlotte. She went to college for two years, and she then became an exotic dancer. Cherica met Rae in one of the clubs that she worked and they casually began dating. Cherica was reported to say to one of her close friends that she had enough of dancing in the clubs and she would like to have a career as a real estate agent.

On the night of 15th of November 1999, Rae and Cherica had a date. They went to the Regal Cinema in South Charlotte. It was only their second date when Cherica informed Rae that she was already six months pregnant with their son.

Rae and Cherica went in at 9:45 pm for the movie, after the movie they departed in different cars and Cherica’s car was behind Rae’s car. Just minutes after they departed a car drove up alongside Cherica’s car. Someone started shooting at her, Cherica was shot four times in her back damaging vital organs.

Cherica immediately phoned 911 and told them what happened. She felt that Rae was involved in the attack on her as he was not very happy to the hear that she was pregnant and he felt she should get an abortion. Cherica wanted to keep the baby and was happy and excited to start her new life as a mother. Rae knew that when the baby is born it would be a blow for him and the media would have a field day. Rae also would have to pay child support, and because he was famous, he thought that Cherica would make it a nasty affair.

Rae did not have much money as he made some bad investments and had some problems with gambling as well. At the time of Cherica’s murder he was struggling to pay his debts and did not have a lot of money. Cherica even named the little boy Chancellor Lee Adams.

After the accident, Emergency services rushed Cherica to Carolina’s Medical Centre where they were able to save baby Chancellor Lee Adams. While Cherica was still alive she wrote an account of the events. Rae blocked her car in and therefore she could not drive away. Based on Cherica’s notes they arrested Rae on conspiring to commit first-degree murder, attempted murder and shooting into an occupied vehicle.

14th December Cherica died of the injuries of the car accident, and the charges changed to murder for Rae. When Rae found out that Cherica died, he tried to flee the country and was found in a friends car and placed in custody. Before Cherica died Rae was on paid leave from the Panthers, but after he was arrested for the murder of Cherica the Panthers severed all ties with him.

The trail of Rae only took 27 days, and 72 witnesses took the stand. One of Rae’s many ex-girlfriends Candace Smith testified in court that Rae admitted his involvement in the shooting, but he did not pull the trigger. Rae never took the stand in court, and over 27 people testified on behalf of him. Rae was found guilty to conspiracy to commit murder, shooting into an occupied vehicle and using the instrument to destroy his unborn son. Rae was sentenced to 18 – 24 years in prison with no parole.

When Rae is released from prison in 2018, he’s son will be 18 years old. After Rae had been sentenced to prison his son, Chancellor Lee Adams went to live with his grandmother Saundra Adams, the mother of Cherica Adams. Saundra said that when the day comes for the Rae’s released the first thing that she wants Rae to see would be his son so that he can be reminded of how he destroyed Chancellor Lee’s mother.

After the shooting Chancellor was born premature and because of the damage that Cherica sustained during the shooting he was born with permanent brain damage.

In a 2015 News report, Saundra Adams said that she forgave Rae and has unconditional love for her grandson. Rae hopes to have a relationship with his son one day and that he can explain to him what happened through his account. Rae had only seen Chancellor Lee once in a visit when he was a baby. He has never tried to contact or to reconnect with him ever again. Some sources close to Rae said that Rae feels confident that his son is getting the love and education he needs. Rae also feels he does not belong in his son’s life after being convicted of taken Cherica’s life.

Travis Alexander murdered by Jodi Arias

Jodi was born in 1980 in Salinas, California. In 2008 she was charged with the murder of her on and off again boyfriend, Travis Alexander. Her trail was one of the most televised in America and Jodi and Travis’s raunchy sex life was revealed.

Travis Alexander was born on 28 July 1977 in Riverside, California. Travis worked as a motivational speaker and an insurance salesman. Travis was a Riverside native and Mormon. Jodi and Travis met in 2006 when Travis was in Las Vegas, Nevada for a conference. Jodi lived in Palm Desert, California at that stage. A year after they met they had a very serious relationship, but the relationship faltered, and after five months of being together the couple ended their relationship but maintained a casual sexual relationship.

Travis was murdered on the 4 of June 2008, Travis was only found five days after the murder. One of Travis’s friends found him on his bathroom floor in a pool of his blood. He had 28 stab wounds, a gunshot wound to the head and his throat was slit. It was quickly established that this was a crime of passion as a lot of these cases where there are so many stab wounds it tends to be someone close to the victim.

Jodi was arrested after they found her blood mixed with the blood of Travis at the crime scene. Jodi claimed that two masked intruders attacked she and Travis. She said that after they had killed Travis, they decided to let her live. Jodi said that she did not go to the authorities as she was afraid the intruders would take revenge, after this statement, her story changed three times over the course of her arrest to her trail.

Jodi’s trial began in January 2013, where she testified for 18 consecutive days. Jodi’s trial was televised live and became a media sensation. In one of her statements while she was in the courtroom Jodi said that she killed Travis in self-defense as Travis would abuse her and that day when she killed him, Travis went into a fit of rage because she dropped his camera.

On the 8th of May 2013, the jury found her guilty of first-degree murder. The jury got caught in a deadlock when they had to sentence her so in October 2014 the penalty trial began.

March 2015 the second jury could not agree on Jodi’s sentencing, and they removed the death penalty as an option. Judge Sherry Stephens had to decide on the sentencing of Jodi. April 13th Jodi received a life sentenced without the possibility of parole which is 25 years.

Jodi is currently serving her prison sentence in Arizona State Prison Complex – Perryville.

Jodi’s lawyer believed that Jodi’s downfall was the 15 gallons of gas that she purchased; Jodi also dyed her hair and had a rental car when she fled after she killed Travis.

Jodi is currently in love, and not even a life sentence will keep her from marrying the love of her life. Jodi skypes several hours a day with fans, several men and receives proposals for marriage daily.

Jodi wishes to have a wedding in prison with a gown and to walk down the aisle to the groom to be to spending their life together. Arizona Department of Corrections guidelines prohibit inmates of wearing a gown and exchanging rings in their ceremony. The ceremonies in jail are usually very basic it is only a 15-minute ceremony in the jail cafeteria; the newlyweds can have a few minutes to four hours together depending on their record.

Jodi is very excited to plan her wedding and to even include children in her future even though that is very unlikely she will have a future with her husband to be. Jodi’s lawyers are busy to put together an appeal so that she can have the life she dreams of.

Ariel Castro

Ariel was born in 1960, July 10 in Puerto Rico. Ariel moved to Cleveland when he was a child. To a lot of people, Ariel was not just a normal human but just sick, Ariel likes to raped and kill women plain and simple, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with his brain.ariel castro murderer and serial rapist and torturor

In the house of 2207, Seymour Avenue in Cleveland is where he took the women after Ariel abducted them he restrained them in his basement and raped them repeatedly.

Michelle Knight was Ariel’s first victim on 23 August 2002, Michelle disappeared after leaving her cousins house. Michelle was 21 years old at the time, the same day of her disappearance she was scheduled to appear in court for her child custody.

Ariel’s second victim is Amanda Berry; she disappeared a day before her 17th birthday on April 21st, 2003. The last time she was seen and heard from was when Amanda phoned her sister to tell her that she was getting a ride from her job at Burger King.

Ariel’s third victim is Gina De Jesus she was only 14 years old when she went missing. Gina was on her way home from school when he abducted her. Gina was friends with Michelle the second victim.

The women that Ariel abducted kept diaries of how they were forced into sexual acts with Ariel and how Ariel would keep them in the dark room for days without any food. The women would have one meal a day and were granted a shower once a week. They were forced to use plastic toilets that were not even emptied regularly all to the pleasure of Ariel.

Ariel kept the women in the basement for years before he moved them to the barricaded bedrooms upstairs, he impregnated Michelle about five times. Ariel starved and beat Michelle until she miscarried. Ariel allowed Amanda to have her baby, but she was forced to deliver her baby in a plastic swimming pool.

While Ariel abused the women in his house, he had a very normal outside life. From his daily life, one would never expect that what he did behind closed doors was so vicious. Ariel was a bus driver, and he was fired in November 2012. Ariel played as the bass guitarist in local groups.

May 6, 2013, Amanda somehow escaped, and the police quickly freed the other two women as well. Ariel agreed to a plea deal to spare him the death sentence if you asked me he deserved the death sentence. July 26 Ariel pleaded guilty of 937 charges, some of them include kidnapping, rape, and murder. Ariel was sentenced to life in prison without parole plus an additional 1000 years.

Since Ariel received his life sentences, he never showed remorse for what he did and would sometimes brag in jail about how he had lived such a normal life, and nobody even noticed what was going on in his house. The three captive women now live freed lives, Ariel asked to see Amanda’s child, but the court denied it.

Ariel hanged himself in his prison cell on the 3rd of September 2013, he always had this macho man complex, Ariel reasoned that he was sick that was why he had the women in his house, in all accounts Ariel was very healthy, and there was nothing wrong with his brain. Doctor’s who examined him said that he liked to dominate and as he had no love life this was his way to say that he was the man of the house.

Ariel got what he deserved even though the court did not give him the death sentence. There was still a conscience in Ariel, and that might be the reason for his suicide. In prison, some prisoners come to realize what they have done and cannot live with themselves.

Dr. Jeffery Macdonald

Jeffery is born on 1943 October 12, Jamaica Queens. He was very popular in school and was voted most likely to succeed. Jeffery got a scholarship to Princeton University. While Jeffery attended University, he met his high school sweetheart, and they had a relationship. In September 1963 he learned that his girlfriend Collette Stevenson is pregnant with his child they got married as any nice young respectable man would do. On April 1964 Jeffery’s daughter was born.

Jeffery was at the University of Princeton for three years when he and his family moved to Chicago after he was accepted into the North-western University Medical School. He and is wife Collette were a happy family and their second daughter was born on May 8, 1967. Jeffery was a proud American, and in 1969, 1 July he joined the army and Jeffery and his family moved to Fort Bragg, North Carolina. Jeffery held the rank of Captain, he was assigned to the Green Berets as a group surgeon to the 3rd Special Forces Group in 1969.

At 3:42 am, 17 January 1970, Fort Bragg dispatcher got an emergency call from Jeffery reporting a stabbing at his house. When the responding officers arrived at the house of Jeffery the door was locked and the house was dark. They thought is was odd as they thought they were there for a domestic disturbance, what they found was a back door open and Jeffery’s wife Colette and his two daughters dead in their respective bedrooms.

Jeffery’s five her old daughter Kimberly was found clubbed in the head and stabbed in the neck 8 to 10 times, Jeffery’s two-year-old Kirsten had been stabbed 35 times with a knife and 21 times with an ice pick. Jeffery’s wife Collette who was pregnant with their third child was lying on their bedroom floor, both her arms were broken, stabbed 21 times with a knife and 33 times with the ice-pick. On the headboard of her bed, the word pig was written in blood.

Jeffery was found next to his wife on the bedroom floor he was wounded but alive. He suffered cuts and bruises on his face, chest and had a mild concussion. He had a stab wound to the left upper torso that caused his lung to partially collapsed. Jeffery was in the Womack Hospital for a week for treatment.

Jeffery’s account of the murder was that on the evening of the attack he had fallen asleep on the living room couch. He went to sleep on the couch as one of his daughters was in bed with Collette and his daughter wet the side of his bed. Jeffery aroused after the screams of his daughter and wife and went to their aid. He said on his way to his bedroom he was attacked by three intruders, one black, and two white males. Jeffery saw a women intruder that held a candle and chanted acid is groovy, kill the pigs. Jeffery said that the three male intruders attacked him with a club and an ice-pick and, after a struggle with the intruders Jeffery was knocked unconscious in the living room near the end of the hallway leading to the bedrooms.

From the start, the police did not believe Jeffery’s account of the attacks as the evidence told a different story. The police found it difficult that three drugged up men could overpower a veteran army officer who was trained in hand to hand combat. A fiber of Jeffery’s pajama top was recovered under one of his daughter’s finger nails and also under the body of his wife, Collette. All three of the murder weapons comes from Jeffery’s house and was found in the backyard.

The composition of the latex gloves in the kitchen of Jeffery’s house is the same gloves that have been used to write pig on the headboard with blood. The investigators believed that he used information that was in a magazine in his living room to make it look like a Manson murder to cover it up. A month after the attack the Army formally charge Jeffery with the murder of his family.

Jeffery’s first Article 32 hearing was on July 5, 1970. After the longest Article 32 hearing in U.S Army history. A Report from Colonel Rock said that they have to dismiss the charges and in December 1970, Jeffery received an honorable discharged from the army and returned to New York.

After the Article 32 hearing, Jeffery went back to work as a doctor and appeared in an episode of The Dick Cavett Show where Jeffery made jokes and complained about the investigation that the focus was on him.

Jeffery’s father in law turned against him, Freddie Kassab believed that Jeffery was the murderer and he wants Jeffery to be tried by the Justice Department. Freddie filed a citizen complaint about Jeffery early in 1972, but the complaint was in limbo for a few years as the murders happened when Jeffery was in the army. According to the army this matter as been resolved. Freddie did, however, have a breakthrough, and on August 12th, 1974, a grand jury was convened and US district attorney at the time Franklin Dupree was assigned to oversee the hearing.

On the 24th of January 1975, Jeffery was arrested for the murder his family, on the 31st of January, he was freed on $1000.000 bail. Jeffery pleaded not guilty to all the murder charges. Jeffery and his lawyers thought that this was a slam dunk for them and he would get acquitted again. The odds was against them as he was convicted of one count of first-degree murder on in the death of his daughter Kirsten, two counts of second-degree murder in the deaths of his wife Collette and Jeffery’s younger daughter Kimberly. Jeffery got a life sentence, and his possibility of parole denied.

An interesting fact about Jeffery, one of the most published crime books was about Jeffery’s life and his trail; the book is called Fatal Vision it was first published in spring 1983, written by Joe McGinniss. Joe’s book was used for TV film of the same title; it aired on NBC in 1984. This was just the beginning for Jeffery as another book written about him this time the book was called The Journalist and the Murderer written by Janet Malcolm, the book was published in 1990.

An adaptation of Joe’s book is set to air on Investigation Discovery in 2017. Jeffery’s murders are also discussed in one of Jodi Picoult ‘s novel House Rules. There was also a song recorded about Jeffery on a cd called Time B4 Time.

Jeffery made headlines and had book deals but whatever he do he could never bring his family back again, Jeffery’s projected release date after he had served his three consecutive life sentences he will be out in 2071, by which time he will be 127 years old.

Jeffery is currently serving his life sentence in the federal prison of Cumberland, Maryland.

The Halls – Mills Murders

This is another story that took the world by storm. It was said that they made the story a media circus and was the most published murder case in America in the year of  1922, because of the people involved. A priest and one of the choir girls had an affair.

Eleanor Mills was married to James. E Mills. James was an acting Sexton at St.John the Evangelist Episcopal Church in Brunswick. James was also a janitor at Lord Sterling Elementary School. Eleanor and James had two children together. Eleanor was a singer in the choir at the Evangelist Episcopal Church.

Edward Hall was married to Francis Noel Stevens. Edward raised in Brooklyn, received his theological degree in Manhattan after receiving his degree he moved to New York, Basking Ridge, New Jersey. He then moved on to the Evangelist Episcopal Church.

Eleanor and Edward met in the church where both of their spouses were involved in the church as well. They started to an affair, and although their spouses did not know about the affair, it was an open secret in the town.

On the eve of 16th September 1922, the bodies of Edward and Eleanor were found by a teenage couple that took a romantic stroll through the woods. Edward and Eleanor were laying next to each other both shot, Eleanor was shot three times, and her throat was slit, police noticed that there was already maggots in the wound. Edward with two gunshot wounds. Eleanor and Edward’s bodies were laid out under a crab apple tree with both of their feet pointing to the tree, and love letters were strewn all over and next to the bodies.

The police immediately suspected their spouses as knife killing is mostly personal and that the affair came to the attention to one of their spouses. The trail started in November 1926 where Mrs. Hall was the main suspect. Mrs. Hall was part of the most prominent and wealthiest families in New Brunswick; it was no secret that Edward married Mrs. Hall for her money.

Francis and her two brothers had motive and the means to commit the double murder, but there was no substantial evidence to connect them with either of the victims, and the case went unsolved.

Francis Stevens brought a defamation suit against the New York Daily Mirror for their coverage of the story, tainting the name of her wealthy family. A lot of people still think after all these years that Francis Stevens and her brother committed the murders but could not find any evidence to support their theory. Authors Damon Runyon and Mary Roberts Rinehart were two of the journalist that covered the story. A story that found itself in fiction and nonfiction stories throughout the years. The Halls- Mills murders case was one part of the inspiration of the Great Gatsby which published just a couple of years after the murders.

Who does not like to read about a priest and his choir girl lover, that was one of the reasons why the tabloids made this case so widely published. From the beginning of the investigation, the evidence was tainted as the crime scene was not well preserved. There were a lot of people that tainted the crime scene, on the bodies, there was no definitive answer as to who committed the murders. An affair is wrong, but it does not warrant a brutal murder or any murder at that.

Georgette Bauerdorf

famous murder victim Georgette bauerdorf
Georgette Bauerdorf

Georgette Bauerdorf was born on the 6th May 1924 in New York. Georgette’s mother died at the young age of 40. After her mother had died she and her sister and father moved to California where Georgette attended a prestigious Marlborough School. She graduated in 1941 from the Westlake School for girls. Georgette’s father was a very well-known Wall Street Financier with interests in the oil business in Louisiana, Texas, and Nevada.

Socialite and oil heiress Georgette wanted to be an actress and moved to Hollywood in August 1944. Georgette worked as a junior hostess at the Hollywood Canteen, where she regularly danced with enlisted men.

A day before Georgette’s murder she purchased a plane ticket to El Paso. The reason? To visit her enlisted boyfriend Private Jerome M Brown an antiaircraft artillery trainee from Chicago.

Nobody knows the exact details of what happened on the night of October 12th, 1944. What we do know is that Georgette was working her shift in the Hollywood Canteen as usual and she seemed in good spirits, after her shift she drove home in her sisters Pontiac. The next morning her maid arrived at 11:00 am at her apartment when she found the lifeless body of Georgette in her bathtub floating with the water still running.

The police suspected that the intruder was lying in wait for Georgette and turned the night light of so that it would not go on, they found fingerprints on the bulb. The Pontiac Coupe that Georgette was driving was registered in her sister’s name and was missing; the car was later found abandoned on East 25th Street just off San Pedro Street where it ran out of gas. According to the mechanics, the car was in a collision with another car as the car had a few dents that indicated a collision.

An autopsy revealed that Georgette struggled with her assailant as she had a lot of bruised and scrapes of her body. Georgette was raped, the knuckles on her right hand was smashed. Georgette was strangled with a piece of white material that was stuffed down her throat. Georgette’s body was taken to New York to be buried in a family-owned plot in Long Island Cemetery.

Seventy years after Georgette’s murder and it is still an unsolved case. Some people have even speculated that the same person that murdered Georgette murdered Elizabeth Short better known as the Black Dahlia. The person of interests that was part of both murdered victims was Jack Anderson Wilson.

Georgette was only 20 years old at the time of her murder and had a wonderful life, ambitions to look forward to and then someone took it from her, and with all the money and power her family had they could never find Georgette’s murderer.

One day a man walked into the FBI’s office after the murder of Georgette went cold and said that he had killed her. He’s name was John Lehman Sumter. Detective Hopkins thought that John’s story does not make sense and his account is only what he read in the newspaper. John then confessed that he lied about killing Georgette and that he wanted to die in the chair as he had nothing to live for. John was afraid to commit suicide and read about the unsolved case of Georgette. He thought that this was his way out. John was kicked out of the army for writing bad checks, and John’s family later admitted that John spent time in the sanatorium in Georgia.

Dorothy Stratten

dorothy stratten murdered by her ex-husband
Dorothy Stratten

Dorothy was born on the 28th  of February 1960 in Canada. She was born Dorothy Ruth Hoogstraten, and she later took Dorothy Stratten as her stage name. Dorothy was a Canadian Playboy Playmate and actress. In 1977 Dorothy went to Centennial High School in Coquitlam. Dorothy worked part-time at the local Dairy Queen fast-food restaurant at the time she was 17 years old.

While Dorothy worked at the Dairy Queen, she met a 26-year-old club promoter and pimp from Vancouver, Paul Snider. Paul started to romance Dorothy and told her that he could make her a star. At first Dorothy was reluctant, but Paul convinced her, and in the summer of 1978, Paul sent professional nude photos of her to Hugh Hefner of Playboy.

Dorothy always felt alone and in search of a father figure. Dorothy’s father abandoned his family, and when Dorothy’s mom remarried, she has soon divorced again. Dorothy spent much of her time writing poems of loneliness and death and was very self-conscious about her big hands.

Dorothy moved to Los Angeles in 1978, and she was a finalist in the 25th Anniversary of Great Playmate Hunt. She and Snider got married in June of 1979, and in August 1979, Dorothy became Miss Playboy. She started to work at the Playboy Club in Los Angeles as a bunny. Snider thought that Dorothy was his meal ticket to fame and fortune and would introduce himself to Hugh Hefner as Dorothy’s manager, Hugh could see that Snider was a free loader and would come to loath Snider.

Dorothy would soon become Playmate of Year and would soar to new heights as an actress in a few movies, Buck Rodgers, Fantasy Island and also had a title role in the movie Galaxina. Hugh told Dorothy to get rid of Snider as he is a freeloader and a pimp. Dorothy had an affair with Peter Bogdanovich while he was directing, They All Laughed, Dorothy’s first major studio film. Snider hired a private investigator to follow Dorothy after Dorothy found out about it they separated and Dorothy moved in with Peter.It was spring of 1980 Dorothy and Peter were madly in love, and Dorothy wanted to file for divorce with Snider.

August 14, 1980, Dorothy and Snider met to finalize their split in Snider’s house. Dorothy took $1,000 with to give to Snider and to talk about an amicable divorce. At 11:00 pm the bodies of Snider and Dorothy’s were found in the closed bedroom of Snider. They both were shot with a Mossberg 12-gauge shotgun. The investigator team believed that Snider murdered Dorothy and then abused and raped her corpse, then he turned the gun on himself.

An interesting twist to the story, Peter married Dorothy’s younger sister Louise, and after 13 years of marriage they separated and divorced in 2001. There have been several movies made about the death of Dorothy, Death Of The Centrefold and Star 80. British band Bush dedicated a song to Dorothy the song is called Dead Meat on the album The Science of Things. Bryan Adams dedicated his 1983 single The Best Was Yet To Come to Dorothy.

In 2012, Dorothy was remembered in an Origami exhibition in Vancouver, where paper sculptures were crafted of her Playboy centerfolds. Dorothy is loved and remembered by many to this day.

Some people say that you can sometimes see a beautiful blonde shadow at the old Playboy mansion on Sunset Boulevard. Other people reported that they saw a pale mist floating over her grave. Dorothy was buried at Westwood Village Memorial Park Cemetery in Los Angeles.

The Wall Street Bombing

16 September 1920, was the fateful day to remember for all the families that were about to lose family members. The launch rush had just started lots of crazed money hungry people ready to work for every cent they could get. Now picture this in the 1920’s they still had driving carts with animals. I know we cannot imagine life without cars, but on that day an unknown person parked a driving cart with a heavy load in front of the U.S Assay Office across from the JP Morgan building. He or She got out and disappeared into the crowd, minutes later the cart exploded.

The blast killed 30 people immediately and injured another 300. It was the most horrendous site with people screaming, blood, and metal fragments everywhere. So the first thing you would think is terrorism. I mean that makes sense right? Who would do that to their people? Everyone thought that the Galleanists did it as they are the Italian anarchists who were responsible for a few bombings in the previous year.

The attack was related to the post-war social unrest, labor struggles and anti-capitalist agitation in the United States. The clean up took the whole night and by morning Wall Street was back in business. With broken windows, and workers in bandages, the bomb did not deter the workers of Wall Street.

There was an exhaustive investigation that was led by the FBI. For three years they combed through all the evidence and witness accounts. In 1944 the FBI revisited the case and came to a conclusion that the Italian Anarchists was behind the plot.

Today 94 years ago 23 Wall Street still have the battle scars where the shrapnel hit. And they serve as a reminder that America can stand together and build a new life no matter what.

Joy Adamson

Joy was born on the 20th January 1910 in Opava, Czech Republic. Joy was a naturist, artist, and author. She published a book called Born Free; it is about the cub lion called Elsa and Joy’s experience with Elsa. Joy’s book was translated into several languages, and there was also a movie made of the same name as her book. Joy was also awarded the Austrian Cross of Honour for Science and Art.

All of Joy’s accomplishments mentions above started with a humble beginning. Joy’s parents were divorced when she was only ten years old, and she went to live with her grandmother; Joy loved her grandmother and said it was because of her grandmother that there was so much good in her. When Joy was a young adult, she considered a career in medicine. Medicine was not her only aspiration and being a pianist was also a consideration. Joy went to study medicine, but she never took her final exam.

Joy married Victor von Klarwill in 1935. Victor was a Jew and decided that they should move to Kenya to escape the growing Nazi movement. Victor sends Joy ahead to Africa. On Joy’s way to Africa, she met a botanist Peter Bally. When Victor arrived in Kenya, Joy told him she wanted a divorce and Joy married Peter in 1938. Joy and Peter traveled through Kenya, Peter was studying the plant life, and Joy started to paint their findings. Joy completed 700 paintings that were later published in several books; the paintings is in the National Museum of Nairobi, Kenya.

After Joy’s success, she would divorce Peter and marry again. In 1943 Joy’s third and last marriage was to George Adamson. George was a game warden in the outlying areas of Kenya. Joy and George lived apart for long times, but they spent the rest of their married lives traveling through Kenyan wilderness.

George was forced to kill a lioness who attacked him in 1956; the lioness was apparently just protecting her three cubs. George felt bad about the incident. And while two of the cubs were sent to the zoo, George and Joy kept the third cub which they called Elsa. In Joy’s book Born Free, she talks about how she and her husband George raised Elsa and trained Elsa to fend for herself in the wilderness.

After George and Joy had released Elsa into the wild they got very sad news; a waterbuck killed Elsa. Elsa did, however, have three cubs of her own. George and Joy took in Elsa’s three cubs. The Kenyan authorities were not very happy with the project. The authorities asked George and Joy to move the cubs to the Serengeti Plain. After they released the three cubs, they were never sighted again, and they are presumed dead.

Joy started an international tour to speak about wildlife preservation in 1962.  She became the founder of the World Wildlife Fund and the Elsa Wild Animal Appeal. Joy’s royalties from her book went to set up animal reserves and preservation organizations. Joy was an activist against clothing made of fur.

Joy had a wonderful life in the public eye, and everyone loved her. Joy’s marriage was suffering. A lot of times she was seen alone when she traveled although she and George kept a permanent home in Nairobi.

January 3rd, 1980, was a very sad day for the world. Joy was killed in the Shaba Game Reserve in northern Kenya. She was in the reserve to observe leopard behavior. The first report about her death was that Joy was mauled to death by a lion. It is very shocking because she worked with them most of her life. Joy knows their behavior and how she needs to react to them.

George was in another part of Kenya. However, when he heard the news of Joy, he said that it was not possible and would never believe it. The police are investigating, Joy’s case started to piece together, and they believed that a human murdered her. Joy’s body was found next to the road near her camp Mawson. Joy was stabbed with a sword and had head injuries. Joy’s tent was opened, and the contents scattered about the tent.

Pieter Mawson was Joy’s chief assistant. Pieter was the one that spread the story that a lion killed joy; he was the police’s first suspect. The police arrested a Kenyan, Paul Ekai, Joy fired Paul, and he claimed that Joy owed him money. Paul confessed to the murder of Joy. Because he was a minor Paul was sentenced to an undetermined prison sentence instead of the death sentence.

Paul insisted that the Kenyan police tortured him to confess. A while after that Paul was killed in a motor accident. And with him died the truth of the murder of Joy died with Paul.

There was a nice funeral ceremony held for Joy in Nairobi. Joy’s second husband Peter Bally attended and some of Joy’s friends that she worked with. Joy’s specified that her body should be cremated. She also specified her ashes must be buried with Elsa the lion and Pippa the cheetah that she cared for.

After the murder of Joy, George carried on with Joy’s work. On the 20th August 1989, George and two of his co-workers were killed in the Kenyan wilderness. George and his two co-workers deaths were blamed on bandit poachers.

George and Joy had no children, and it is sad to see that they could not pass on the wonderful work they did on. The work of Joy and George still lives on in books and organizations that they had created.

George also had a book published in 1986 and the name was My Pride And Joy. Shortly after Joy’s death, her final book Queen Of Sheba came released, it is about her studies on leopards. Joy would forever live with us through her books as she teaches others about wildlife.

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