Unusual and Interesting facts about Serial Killers and Murderers

All of us enjoy a quick fact or two here you have a bunch to get your quick fix. We are sharing short facts about serial killers, Murderers and Suicides.

17 Unbelievable Serial Killer Facts

1.  250 is the number of individuals doctor Harold Shipman has murdered. He is seen as the most prolific serial killer of modern times.

2. America’s first serial killer is Dr. H H Holmes with more than 27 murders in the late 1890’s.

3. The Famous Serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer did the following:

jeffrey dahmer known as the milwaukee cannibal

4. A South American serial killer who killed 300 young girls, got bail for $50 and is currently free, whereabouts unknown.

5. Kenneth Bianchi was better known as the Hillside Strangler, while he was busy killing he also applied to join the ranks of the LVPD.

6. According to FBI records, there is 35 to 50 active serial killers in the United States at any given time.

7. Jane Toppan the Serial killer that overdosed her victims with medication had the following to say:

jane toppan talks about herself

8. The most prolific serial killer in Medieval Europe and maybe ever is Christman Genipperteing with murdered victims numbering 964.

9. Macedonian crime reporter, Vlado Taneski turned out to be a serial killer.

10. Serial killer Javed Iqbal from Pakistan, he’s sentenced was to be dismembered in 100 pieces and his body burned in acid in front of his family, the same way he killed 100, 16-year-old boys.

11. Ed Gein that made household items with body parts and skin apparently loved babies.

serial killer ed gein

12. Lewis Hutchinson better known as the Mad Doctor of Edinburgh Castle was the first serial killer in Jamaica, he hunted and killed people for sport.

13. While serving as a town mayor doctor, Marcel Petiot murdered 27 people and confessed to 63.

14. David Parker Ray had a homemade torture chamber that cost $1 000 000 in his old mobile home, where he would tape and record his murders.

15. John Gacy killed many young men but his fascination with the dead started early on and it showed by working in a mortuary.

serial killer john wayne gacy

16. 48 Percent of serial killers kill for the enjoyment.

17. Robert Pickton attached a dildo to the barrel of his .22 caliber revolver to use as a silencer on his victims.

9 Murderers Facts

1. Katherine Knigth killed her partner and the skinned him and fed his flesh to his children. He was skinned so well that they were able to stitch him back together.

2. Krystian Bala murdered someone and then he did something ver stupid:

murderer that wrote a book and described the murder in it

3. A Dutch crime writer wrote a book about a husband killing his wife. Years after he became famous his wife’s body was found, and he was convicted of her murder.

4. A 17-year-old killed his parents and hid their bodies in the bedroom so that he could have a house party.

5. Britain’s youngest female murderer is ten years old, and she believes to see the devil every night when she goes to sleep.

6. In 1974 a father killed his son by poisoning him with Halloween candy to cash in the $40,000 insurance policy.

7. A female quack doctor administered a mix of horse dung in white wine killing Frenchman Cardinal Richelieu.

8. In 2004 Thai drug addict Phosaeng killed his eight-year-old brother, he then cut out his heart and liver and ate it with rice.

9. In Scotland, 29 women were executed for murder between 1753 and 1878 for killing their infant children.

Seriously Suicidal Facts

New York has the most beautiful buildings and is also the house of Wall Street, but more people died there of suicide than murder.

There is so many broken people in the world, every 40 seconds someone commits suicide.

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