The Unusual Triple Murders By Juha

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Already part of the criminal justice system Juha went from a criminal to a serial killer in a few days. Juha was in jail and got released on the 1st of May 1988 in Turku. He was twenty-two when he was released from prison the first time. Juha’s girlfriend Marita Routalammi was twenty-one at the time.

Juha and Marita traveled through Sweden and Finland and when they reached the town of Amsele on the 3rd  of July, Juha stole a bicycle. There is still no reason given for this criminal act.

Murdering of the Nilsson Family

The owners were Sten Nilsson and 15-year old Fredrik Nilsson. They chased after Juha but, then the chase came to a stop at the cemetery. Juha shot Sten and Fredrik with his shotgun. Juha suffered from a psychopathic personality and he was aggressive. When Sten and Fredrik did not come home, Ewa Nilsson went looking for her son and husband. She was chased into the woods where Juhu slashed her throat.

Juha Caught and Sentenced

Juha and Marita got caught in Odense in Denmark. It was a week after the slaying of the Nilsson family. In court, they blamed each other for the crimes. The court believed the story of Marita. Both of them were found mentally fit to stand trial. This was Juha’s 12th criminal conviction, and it resulted in a life sentence, and Marita got two years for complicity in assault and battery. They released Marita after she served half of her time and Juha was transferred to Finland to serve the rest of his sentence there.

Juha escaped four times out of jail. His first escape was in April 1994, from Riihimaki prison in Finland. He took a teacher hostage and he was apprehended close by. The teacher escapes with no harm. His second escaped attempt was in 2002 in Pyshaselka prison where he traveled to Sweden. He was captured after a police operation in Langtrask. When he returned to the prison he tried to commit suicide by hanging himself. You would think that he had enough of trying to escape and try to live with the fact that he will be in prison for the rest of his life. You would be wrong in 2004, his attempt lasted only 19 minutes and was 1km from the Sukeva prison walls.

His last prison break was on 28 November 2006, from Hamina prison. He was arrested on the 30th November 2006, by the Helsinki police.

Free to roam once again

In 2008, Juha decided to change his name to Nikita Joakim Fouganthine. He was released from prison on the 1 July 2008, after the Helsinki court granted him a pardon after 19 years of serving his sentence. Dan-Axel Karlsson was one of the people who found the bodies of the Nilsson family. Dan was a churchwarden, he was upset that Juha got released.

Sweden’s Justice Minister Beatrice Ask was more than a little upset about the decision that Finland made. According to criminologist Leif GW Persson, the decision was to be expected. It is standard for criminals of a serious nature in Finland to only serve 20 years in prison. It would be difficult for Sweden to insist for another outcome as it comes with a price.

Jan Troell a Swedish director made a film in 1991, based on the Amsele murders. The films name is II Capitano. Juha was credited on The Girl Who Played With Fire in a comparison of criminal profiles in the movie. Another television story of the Amsele murders was on the 18th episode of the Danish Television drama Rejesholdet.



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