Why would You Use these Objects as Weapons to Commit Crimes

Strange and Weird Weapons used to commit murders and other crimes.

While we all are familiar with the most common weapons that people kill with like guns, poison, knives, hanging, strangling, drowning and the occasional cannibalism(biting). Well, hold on to your hats as we are about to explore some of the most ridiculous weapons people kill with. Some people are inventive, and some are just plain stupid. Makes you wonder what goes on in the heads of some of these killers.

All this because of a forgotten Beer

Christmas the day of presents and family time is what most of us do on Christmas day, Helen Ann Williams had other ideas, she was upset that her husband did not buy her beer because all the stores were closed on this day. Her husband thought nothing of it and went to make him a sandwich.

Helen is obviously serious about her beer as she was still in an extreme mood, she grabbed a ceramic squirrel that was part of the décor in the house and hit her husband over the head with it. Stabbing him in the chest. Luckily her husband survived, and she was charged with aggravated domestic violence. Well, there is one husband that will never forget to buy his wife a beer ever again.

A wheelchair can not stop this killer

They say to be wheelchair bound is a disability, Debra Hewitt did not let that slow her down. Debra lived in a homeless camp and attacked her former boyfriend, she said that he threatened to kill her. Debra beat the man with her own prosthetic leg, before stabbing and strangling him. She dragged his mutilated body into a field to rot. Debra was found guilty of second-degree murder and is serving a life sentence.

A robbery that boomeranged

In Australia, a desperate 31-year-old man decided to rob a Shell petrol station with a boomerang. He lost his nerve and walked out empty handed. I wonder how he would have used the boomerang? Would they have taken him seriously? He was arrested and given a notice of public nuisance. They feared he might come back. Come on people maybe he would have come back with two boomerangs, who knows.

Gullible Mr. Invisible robber

Harry Potter has powerful effects on some individuals. This robber thought he could pull off the perfect robbery. He paid a wizard 290 pounds to make him invisible. He walked into a bank in Tehran and started to snatch money from the customer’s hands, the spell wore off too quickly, and the customers overpowered him, he was arrested.

What puzzles me was that he paid so much money for it. In any case, in court, he said that he now sees the trick was on him. The spell did work for him as the court never released his name and for that, he was very thankful.

Pie will do as a bomb

Who would have thought that the tasty apple pies of MacDonald’s can be a weapon? Daniel Hegwood stormed into a California bank with his two apple pies in a MacDonald’s bag, claiming it was a bomb.

He must have been magnificent at acting because the staff started to give him wads of cash. When he was arrested, the police could hardly believe their eyes. I think in the end they had a big laugh, of how one man could bring a bank to their knees with a MacDonald’s apple pie.

A sad end for a little girl

Angeles Cadillac- Castro used a spatula to beat her five-year-old daughter to death. Her lawyer said that she could not handle the day to day stress and was not fit to be a mother, well that was clear enough since she killed her child.

The judge did not have sympathy for her as a lot of people go through hard times, and they do not simply start killing their children. She was sentenced to life in prison. Personally, I think the death penalty is a better option.

Cleary this guy was drugged or something

In Providence, Rhode Island, a robber tried to rob two stores with a potato. Gary Deming tried to rob a dry cleaner, from all the stores he could choose he chose the dry cleaners. How does one pretend that a potato is a weapon? The owner did not scare easily and chased the robber off with a baseball bat. How ironic the business owner had a better weapon than the robber, it shows how dumb some robbers are.

Sweet murder

Candy Bars the gooey chocolatey goodness is one of the most common weapons in prison. They melt the chocolate bars on a hot plate and throw it in the faces of their enemies. It is so hot that people go blind and even die from it.

The one prison inmate was angry as he caught someone stealing his dope. He then smuggled chocolates into the prison melt it and threw it in the guy’s face. He died as a result of the burns and was not treated, they say he deserved it. The other prisoners just looked on in horror as he was slowly and painfully dying. Stealing is wrong but, there are other ways to deal with the situation.

Using a piece of you to kill you

Women are known for poising and killing people with knives. In some cases, you get women who went haywire and use body parts to kill. In South Africa, there was a woman who caught her husband in bed with her sister. Naturally, she must have been angry. However what she did was next level crazy. She gave her husband a chance to explain and the only explanation he gave her was that it just happened, too bad for him.

The next evening she put sleeping pills in his food, and when was asleep, she cut off his penis and stuck it so far down his throat that she took his uvula off. She then called the police confessed to the murder.

The police were so stunned they could not believe the horrifying scene. She claimed reason of insanity and is spending her days in an asylum in a daze. She seemed like your typical suburban housewife with a good job, nice house and in a blink of an eye, she has lost everything.

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