Women Who Murdered Their Children

Often we hear about children that were murdered by their mothers. In a lot of these cases Munchausen by proxy are present. What people do not know is that mothers do not only kill because of a condition. They also kill their children because they are bored, angry and some for no reason at all. My question is why do you have kids in the first place if they are a burden. People think they need to have children because of social convention; you should have children to love them and bring them up the best way possible.

Megan Huntsman the Serial killer that only killed  her own children

Megan is a 40-year-old woman who strangled and killed 6 of her newborn babies. All her babies she carried the full term and was killed between 1996 and 2006. All of the babies were fathered by her now estranged husband, Darren West.

Megan and her estranged husband have three living children together. When asked why she did not kill her other children she said that it was before she and her husband were using meth and the pregnancies were known. It all started when Darren went to prison. This was when Megan began to have affairs. At that stage, she and her three children were living with Darren’s parents. The moment they heard about the affairs she was told her to leave the house. She barely went back to see her other children and live in Pleasant Grove in Utah where she and her husband and three children used to share the house.

Her estranged husband Darren went back to the house after being released from prison to collect his belongings in April 2014. What he discovered in the garage was more than he bargained for. He opened some of the boxes and found 7 newborn babies’ remains that were wrapped in cloth and put in plastic bags shortly after they were born. One of the babies was a still born. Darren had no idea that Megan had any other children and that she has kept it secret from her family.

Megan said that she killed the children after she became a methamphetamine addict and felt that she could not care for them. This is one of the most stupid excuses ever, she had a family that would have stopped at nothing to help her with her children. And she could have taken the children to an adoption agency. To have taken so much care in wrapping her children in plastic and put them in boxes meant that she was aware of what she was doing and that she is a cold-blooded murderer. At her sentencing, the judge remarked that it was cold and calculated killings.

Megan later told the police that she wanted to move the bodies of her newborn babies but did not know where to move them without getting caught. Megan’s surviving children wrote a moving letter to the court on their mother’s behalf to say that she is not the monster everyone thinks she is and that she has done a great job as a mother and of raising them. To me, it just sounds like a desperate plea to keep their mother out of jail, which I can understand but if your mom kills some of her children then in my eyes this is a bad parent. Firstly what example is she setting for her remaining children, that murder is the in thing and not to care for your children gives you the right to take their lives?

The police department of Pleasant Grove has said that it has been hard on them and the investigators on the case, what they saw in the garage of Megan,  can never be unseen. Megan blamed alcohol, drugs, and depression for killing her children. She lived with her secret for 18 years and could offer no other explanation for killing her children, she makes me sick. On 14th April 2014, Megan was ordered bail of $6 million. Megan pleaded guilty on 12 February 2015 and was sentenced on 20th April 2015 with 6 terms of five years in prison. Megan will serve 49 years in prison before her first parole meeting in 2064; she will then be 89 years old. I guess justice was served seeing that she will rot in jail.

Lindsey Lowe Murdered her two newborn children

Lindsey 25 is a mother from Hendersonville Tennessee, who thought it would be best if she killed her two twin babies after they were born in her parent’s bathroom. Her parents had no idea that she was pregnant. Lindsey was engaged to Jonathan Brooks and had an affair with Jeremy Smith. Jeremy told the court he and Lindsey had sex only two or three times in early January 2011 and he has not spoken to her since.

Lindsey missed her periods and started to gain weight. But was afraid to seek help or take a pregnancy test as she knew if she were pregnant it would be because of her affair.

Lindsey said that she went to the bathroom on the 12th September 2011 and went into labor and both baby boys fell into the toilet. She claimed that she did not know what was happening. Directly after the two children were born, she put her hand over their little mouths and suffocated them so that her parents could not hear the cries. She put her baby’s corpses in a towel and hid them in the laundry basket. How can any reasonable person kill their newborn babies and just continue with their life? Lindsey can, she proceed with her daily task. On the 14th of September was the gruesome day for her family.

Lindsey’s father discovered one of the babies in the laundry basket in her bedroom and called 911.  The police arrested Lindsey and only after they started questioning her she revealed to them that there were two babies.

Lindsey never checked on the babies after she dumped them in the laundry basket, nor did she know the sex of her children. I do not even know how to describe how I feel, I guess her thought was that it is not a big deal. It is her children she could do with them as she, please. She kept her pregnancy secret but had no idea what she had to do after they were born. Naturally, you kill you child rather than bring them up and say you are sorry, that was her logic.

The father of the children, Jeremy was shocked to hear about what Lindsey has done. With further investigation, it shows that Lindsey never prepared for a child and she was not letting anybody or children disturbing her perfect life. Lindsey was sentenced in March 2013 of two counts of first-degree murder and aggravated child abuse. She is currently serving more than 50 years sentence at Tennessee Prison for women. Lindsey’s attorney argued for a new trial with three new judges in August of 2015, however, in 2014 her appeal for a new trial was denied.

Ka Yang the Mom who microwaved her own child!

She might not be a serial killer, but in my books, she can burn in hell for what she has done to her one-month-old baby girl Mirabella Thao- Lo. Ka Yang is a 34-year-old woman from Northern California, with three healthy children and a husband.

Seems like the perfect life, far from it, it is said that she suffered epileptic seizures when she was a child, and it continues into her adult life. This is a case up for debate, some people will agree that because of the seizure she claimed she had she killed Mirabella. Some might say why did she not harm any of her other three kids and if they knew she had a problem why not put her on medication.

Ka Yang has lied to the police several times how Mirabella died. If she really suffered a seizure, she would not change her story. And then there would be no reason to lie.

So the official story of how the 1-month-old baby died. Ka Yang was arrested on the 17th March 2011 after her child was found dead in the house. The first story she told the police is that she was holding her baby while working on the computer and she lost consciousness. When she came to, she was lying on the ground next to the space heater and her baby was lying next to her. Later after being questioned she broke down and said that she lied, she put the little girl in the microwave as she was irritated and the child kept her from her work.

The police found the baby’s pacifier in the microwave. Ka Yang’s children were all under the age of seven and were taken from her the day they discovered the little girl’s body, they are now under the care of family members.

The pathology report state that Mirabella had burns covering 60 percent of her body, she also had radiation burns on her internal organs. Mirabella suffered from severe pain throughout the exposure. Writing this piece is very saddening, my words were gone, and all I had was tears, this is wrong in every way. We can take solace from the fact that justice was served and in 2015 Ka Yang was convicted of first-degree murder and assault. She was sentenced to serve 26 years to life in prison. Ka Yang destroyed not only Mirabella’s life but also her three other children that will grow up without their mother.

Killed her children and tried to pin it on her Husband

Dora 34, from San Jacinto, killed her three children and tried to pin their deaths on her estranged husband. Dora ran into the local police station and said that her estranged husband appeared at her apartment and she was afraid. Fifteen minutes later the police went to investigate. They found the bodies of her 9-year-old daughter Susana and 8-year-old son Vincente. The third child Deidra, 4 years old was found later that day in a disused postal building in the Lakeview section of Riverside County.

The police picked up Alejandro Buenrostro, the children’s father in connection with the murders of his children. After questioning the investigators substantiated that, Alejandro who works and lives in Los Angeles was on his way to work when his kids got murdered. Dora was arrested, and during questioning, she told the investigators that she was in a rage of fit after an argument she had with her estranged husband.

Dora stabbed all three her children. The body of Deidra Dora put in the car seat and dumped the body at the abandoned post office. Dora gave no other explanation why she murdered her children. The investigators said that she was grim but showed no remorse. She received the death sentence on the 2nd of October 1998. She was cold and calculated and planned the killings. What a nice touch to try and pin the murders on her husband. What she did not count on was her estranged husband’s alibi.

There is no such thing as the perfect crime. She wanted to get rid of her children so that she could live her life alone. Now she can enjoy her life alone on death row. Just because a woman can give birth does not mean they can play God with children’s lives.

Susan Eubanks Murdered her Children Execution Style

Susan 33 years old, in San Marcos California shot her four children execution style. She blamed her alcoholic parents and a fight with her new boyfriend on the shooting of her children.

26th October 1997 the story started to unfold. Susan and her new boyfriend had a fight. It was so bad that the police came out to mediate the dispute. A few hours later Susan’s estranged husband, alerted the authorities that something bad has happened in their family home.

Susan was a troubled person and she struggled with a drinking problem and went to the court saying her husband physically abused her and the children and prone to alcoholic rages. Divorced with no money and a debt of $40,000 her life was spiraling out of control. The evening after her new boyfriend left her it was just too much for her.

What the authorities uncovered was three of her sons Brigham 6 years, Austin 7 years and Brandon 14 were killed by gunshot wounds to the heads. The fourth boy Matthew 4 years old was clinging to life at that stage. The police found Susan in the back bedroom bleeding with a .38-caliber pistol beside her.

The police could find no suicide note, pills or any indications that the children tried to flee. They know Susan killed them, they just did not know why. Matthew was airlifted to the Children’s Hospital in San Diego; he died 4:30 pm on Monday the 27th October 1997.

Susan took drugs with alcohol and shot her children execution style in the head. She was convicted of four counts of first-degree murder and received the death sentence on 13th October 1999. A month after her sentencing she said that she loved her children, but they are better off dead. She said she killed them as a final act of love in an attempted murder-suicide. The judge believed she killed her children because of her deep hatred she had for her estranged husband.

Susan had a sad life, a life she could not cope with and raise children in. It still does not justify killing your children. She is a serial killer and deserves the death penalty. Children are induvial people who react different ways to problems in life. To teach your children how to cope with situations in life is part of parenthood. There is always a way out! No one should even considering killing children as a way out of a bad situation.

Frances Elaine Newton shot her children while they were sleeping

Frances only 21 years old at the time took out $50, 000 life insurance policies on 18th March 1987, for her 23-year-old husband Adrian, 21-month-old baby girl Farrah. There was already a policy taken out for her 7-year-old son Alton. Frances husband did not know about the policies. Frances and her husband were having marital problems. Both of them were dating other people, to add to the chaos Adrian’s brother Sterling Newton were also living with them.

Three weeks after she took out the life insurance policies she shot her husband in the head, and her children in the chest with a .25 caliber semiautomatic pistol. The children were in their beds at the time of the shooting. The gun belongs to the boyfriend which she was seeing at the time. Frances claimed she is innocent and her family died because her husband was a drug dealer and he was in debt to his supplier, and a drug dealer killed her family. Frances took the gun to a relative’s house in a plastic bag, shortly after the murders. If she was not guilty why move the weapon of the crime and try to conceal it.

Armed with all this information, she was convicted of all the murders in 1998 and sentenced to death. Francis spent 17 years on death row and had found religion, it is common for inmates, and she still professes that she is not guilty.

She was a model prisoner and two hours before her execution on 1st December 2004, the Texas Governor Rick Perry granted her a 120-day reprieve. To allow more time to test forensic evidence on the case. August 24, 2005, the Texas Court of Criminals Appeals turned down a motion for stay of execution. And on the 9th September they turned down another appeal for writ of habeas corpus, it was her fourth application.

The Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles voted on the 12th of September that her sentence not gets commuted to life in prison. On the 13th of September, the Supreme Court of the United States declined two of her last appeals. She was executed by lethal injection on 14th September 2005 at the age of 40.

Frances was the third women to be executed in Texas since the reinstitution of capital punishment in the state in 1982.

Frances execution brought some protesters from the Texas Death Penalty Abolition Movement, National Black United Front, and New Black Panther Party. Some of the protesters were protesting outside the governor’s mansion in Austin. They even contacted him personally to stop the execution.

The state has done their job, and justice was served. All the evidence showed that Frances killed her family and even though evidence can be planted, 90% of the time the science is right. I can understand that she turned her life around and that was one of the reasons people fight for her. It is too late and she deserve the punishment. Her story was featured in the program Fatal Attraction and on Deadly Women.

Robin Lee Row had no problem burning her children

Robin is no stranger to losing loved ones in fires. First, sh lost her baby daughter died in 1977, from Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. Then in 1980, she lost her, son Keith in an accidental home fire.

She did collect a sum of $28,000 from a life insurance after the death of her son. This happened again on the 10th of February 1992. The first floor of the apartment she lived in burned down. Killing her estranged husband Randy 34, Joshua 10 years and Tabitha 8 years.

After the fire, she collected on a life insurance policy of $276,000. She took it out on her family without them knowing. The most recent policy was just 17 days before the family succumbed to the fire.

I am no professor but, it sounds like on both occasions she killed her family only to make money from them. Even though the first fire was declared an accident. That you would care that much about money, that even killing your children does not bother you, that is cold. Robin had a bad childhood with long-term sexual abuse and mentally ill family members. Her own health included mental illness, and she had a few suicide attempts.

Robin stayed with a friend as she and her husband were estranged. It was determined that the fire started in two places and that she used liquid to ignite the flames. She switched the fire alarm off, and the furnace fan was set to run so that it could speed up the circulation of the smoke throughout the apartment. So not only was she cunning but, she made sure that none of her children or husband would survive. They died from carbon monoxide poisoning.

March 23, 1992, she was arrested on three counts of murder. December 16, 1993, Robin was found guilty of premeditated murder and was sentenced to death.

The judge called Robin a pathological liar and:

“Robin Row’s actions represent the final betrayal of motherhood and embody the ultimate affront to civilized notions of maternal instincts” “adding Maternal prolicide – the killing of one’s own children is the embodiment of the cold-blooded, pitiless slayer, a descent into the blackened heart of darkness.”

Wow, we get the idea that the judge did not like her at all.

During the investigation, the investigators uncovered that Robin was embezzling money from her job. She was the in charge of the bingo games at the YMCA. She had some serious problems with money, she was sentenced to death. In 2011 her appeal was dismissed. She is the only death row inmate in Pocatello Women’s Correctional Centre in Pocatello, Idaho. Now she cannot burn or steal from anyone again.



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