This is just a short story of myself.

I have been interested in crime and crime related stories most of my life I just haven’t noticed it until later in life. I had a normal family upbringing with strong and strict values in life and wanted to pursue being a lawyer when out of school, I even attended court hearings after school to learn court procedure.

After school I decided to start photography as the beauty of photos capture me, I then had I opportunity to study for a criminal lawyer, I decided against that.

I began to read books about crimes and watch crime related movies. Then looking at crime scene photos a few years ago I realized that this is my passion in life I want to know what drives a criminal to commit crimes, what happened in their lives to make them snap and whether they are criminally insane or just sadistic.

I have created this website as my outlet in what I am passionate about to share with my fellow crime fanatics. Here I will share my top crime movies, books, interviews and lots of surprise goodies.

I want this website to become a community blog and will continue to post new stories.

This is me Cindy looking forward to hearing from you !!!!!