Dog Pee Too Much For Martin Carroll

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Do you think that dog urine is a valid reason to murder someone? No, neither do I. There is no good reason to kill someone even though we sometimes feel like there are many. This is, however, the case with Martin Carrol he just had enough and got into a heated argument and killed Stephen Gannon.

What happened on the day Martin Carrol snapped?

The day that Martin snapped he saw his neighbor’s dog urinating on the building they reside in. He became enraged at the sight of what had just happened and started verbally abusing the woman.

The neighbor’s friend Mr. Stephen Gannon stepped in to defend his friend and stop Martin from verbally abusing her. Martin stepped close to Stephen and then repeatedly stabbed him in the neck with a large knife he was carrying with him. Unfortunately, Stephen did not survive the attack, and Martin is now serving a life sentence with the possibility of parole after 14 years.

Why would Martin do this to Stephen Gannon?

The defense attorney of Martin said in the courtroom that he has OCD and this caused him to behave irrationally. I can understand that keeping your living area clean is important but he had gone too far, and there are other underlying problems here. It also came to light that he was already a wanted man for assaulting his mother in a previous case.

Just the fact that he was walking around with a big knife makes the case even stronger against his true motives. Maybe he was just looking for an opportunity to lash out at someone.

This happened on 14 August 2015. Springburn. At flats in St. Monance Street.



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