In this section, I will talk about how people in prison experience life. We take a look behind the scenes of some of the world’s toughest prisons, how prison affects your life when you are released and how you have to live a life serving a  life sentence.

It is very hard for a first-time prisoner. Most prisons have their unique cultures and clicks, more or less the same as in school but in this situation, it is more severe as you have rapists, serial murders and petty criminals to contend with.

Types of Prisons – Before you learn more about life in prison I think it would be beneficial to have a look at all the types of prisons.

Things you did not know about Life in Prison – In this post, we have a look at some the more colorful things that happen in prison. From correctional officers to the prisoners themselves and some of the living conditions too.

Love in prison and love with a prisoner – Here I will cover a broad range of different topics that happens in prison. Some of them are hard breaking, sad and just plain horrible. Some are encouraging and interesting. It is easy to forget that prisoners no matter what they did are still humans. I will try and stay as neutral as I can about my opinions.

Rape in Prison – Many times we would think or even say it is fine if the prisoners get raped because that is what they deserve. Are we right in doing so is being in prison not punishing enough. In this post, we explore how rape affects life in prison.

Prostitution in prison – We all know prostitution is big business. But did you know that prostitution is just as big business in prison too?

Homosexuality in Prison – Have you ever thought about how hard it must be to be a Gay/Lesbian in prison? Here we explore some of the hardships faced by prisoners. We also discover how individual countries legislation works concerning conjugal visitation.

Prison Slang/Jargon – Prison Lingo is obviously a big part of life in prison and in this post we have a look at over 100 prison slang terms. Looking at the words inmates use you will get a feel of how rough it really is in prisons.

Nicknames for Prisons – If you are going to spend a large portion or sometimes the majority of your life in prison sure you are going to come up with a nickname for your home. Have a look at these 40 nicknames for prisons.