Michaela Roeder Turned Out to be a Real Angel of Death

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Michaela was a nurse with a God complex and had no problem taking lives in order to put people out of their misery. In 1984 she started working at St. Peter’s Hospital in Wuppertal-Barmen, West Germany. Between February 1984 and 1986 she killed 17 patients. Her method was to inject her patients with a heart paralyzing drug and a drug that reduces blood pressure.

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The patient’s ailments ranged from appendicitis to cancer. Fourteen of her victims were over 70, and the other three were over 53.

Some of her work colleagues would jokingly refer to her as the angel of death as people always died on her swift. The hospital became suspicious and decided to investigate.

Authorities exhumed 28 bodies that were under Michaela’s care, and 17 of them tested positive for the drugs.

Michaela Roeder is arrested Tried and sentenced

In March of 1986, she was arrested, and her trail took place 37 miles north of Bonn in Wuppertal.

She told the court that she killed her patients so they don’t have to suffer. According to reports, there was no indication that her patients would have died.

Michaela also told the court that one of her patients asked her to kill them; there was no way to verify if this is true. She testified that one time she killed a patient by administering the wrong medication by injection. Some people that attended the court hearing said she showed no remorse and seemed pleased with her actions.

Michaela 31 was found guilty on the 11th September 1989.  She received six counts of manslaughter and on top of that for each count attempted murder and mercy killing. In an excerpt from a court document, it is suggested that Michaela might have had sexual relationships with her female superiors.

The sentencing was 11 years in prison. The prosecution demanded a life sentence and was stunned by the jury’s decision. The jury believed that Michaela acted out of compassion, and that is why they gave her such a lenient sentence.


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