Patrick Kearney

Patrick’s childhood years, early adlthood.

Patrick Kearney was born on the 24th of September 1939, in East Los Angeles. He was raised in a normal household and is the oldest of three children. As a child he was sickly and thin and was a target of bullies at school. Patrick became withdrawn as a teenager and fantasised about killing people.

For a while Patrick lived in Texas and after his marriage ended in divorce he moved back to California. He worked for Hughes Aircraft as an engineer.

First victim and method of murder and disposal of victims.

Patrick was a gay pick up artist and fluent in Spanish, he also had an interest in the Latin American culture. His knowledge in the culture was not only an advantage to pick up potential lovers but would also be an advantage for when he killed.

In 1962, in Orange, California, Patrick killed his first victim. He picked up the 19 year old up on his motorcycle where he went to a secluded area and shot him in the head. Patrick then engaged in acts of necrophilia. He confessed to two more killings in 1962, one of the victims was related to his first victim.

Patrick moved to Redondo Beach in 1976, where he met David Hill. They became lovers and when they would have arguments, Patrick would go on long drives and pick up gay men from gay bars and male hitchhikers.

At one stage he experimented on his victims out of curiosity. Patrick would cut open their stomachs; he would only do it post mortem as he did not want to inflict physical suffering on his victims. He would take his time with the corpses and perform necrophilia acts.

Patrick mutilated the victim’s corpses with hacksaws and disposed of the bodies in trash bags. Trash bag killer is a name given to him due to the way he disposed of his victims. He would sometimes drain the blood of his victims to eliminate odours and dismembered parts of the body to avoid fingerprint identification. Patrick would sometimes beat the bodies of his victims to get the sensation of power and supress his anger.

Here are a few known victims of Patrick Kearney:

In 1971, Los Angeles he killed John Demchik, 13.

September 22, 1973, in California he killed James Barwick age 17.

Ronald Dean Smith 5, was killed on the 24th of August 1974, his body was found on the 12th of October 1974.

Patrick killed twice in 1975. His first victim was Albert Rivera, 21 on the 13th of April. His second victim was Larry Gene Walters, 20 killed on the 10th of November.

He had a busy year in 1976 murdering 12 people.

Kenneth Buchanan aged 17 was shot four times on the 3rd of March in Redondo Beach.

On March 21, Oliver Molitor age 13 was killed at Redondo Beach.

Larry Armedariz age 15 met his death on the 19th of April in California.

Michael Mcghee, age 13 died on the 16th of June in Redondo Beach.

On the 20th of June in California, John Woods, 23 died.

Larry Epsy, 17 died on the 23rd of August in Los Angeles.

On the 28th of August, Wilfred Faherty, 20 died in California.

Also in late August

Randall Moore

Robert Benniefiel, 17

David Allen, 27

Mark Orach, 20 died in October in Orange County.

Timothy Ingham, age 19 died in November in Indio, California.

Patrick’s last year of murder, 1977

Nicholas Jimenez age 28 was killed on the 23rd of January in Los Angeles.

In February, Arturo Marquez, age 24 were killed in Los Angeles.

John Otis LaMay, age 17 were killed on the 13th of March. This was the murder who led to Patrick’s arrest.

Merle Chance, 8 were killed on the 6th of April. Merle was smothered with his own sweater, his body was found on the 26th of May.

The police believed Patrick killed between 21 and 43 people. His crimes went undetected, although a local store owner Jerry Stevens remarked that he bought a lot of butcher knives and even inquiring about the quality of the steel.

On the day of Patrick’s arrest the police found out John went to meet up with his long-time lover David. David and Patrick fled to El Paso, Texas. David was cleared of all charges and involvement of the crimes and the police let him go. Patrick was arrested on the 1st of July 1977.

Patrick confessed to thirty five murders. In order to avoid the death penalty he pleaded guilty. He was charged with twenty one counts of murder and was given twenty one life sentences. Since 2014 he is incarcerated at the California State Prison Mule Creek and is currently 79 years old.

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