Ronald Dominique

Childhood and School Life

Ronald Dominque was born on the 9th of January 1964 in Louisiana. He spent most of his childhood years in a small community of Thibodaux and not much is known about his parents.

At high school, he sang in the choir and most kids regarded him as a geek. Ronald’s classmates would often mock him about his sexuality; although he never admitted he was gay when he was a teenager.

It seems he was torn between two worlds. By day he would help his neighbors in the trailer park where he lived, by night he would cross-dress and make impressions of Patti LaBelle at the gay club. Ronald was not liked by the gay community and society gave him a cold shoulder which made him withdraw from everyone.

He struggled with finances and would sometimes end up living with relatives. As an adult, he showed signs of enjoyed helping people and would spend his Sunday’s at a retirement village calling out bingo numbers to senior citizens.

Ronald’s life of crime starts

Ronald’s criminal history started on the 12th of June 1985. He was charged with telephone harassment. He pleaded guilty and paid a fine.

While speeding and driving under the influence Ronald was arrested and charged on the 15th of May 1994.

By the 25th of August 1996, he progressed to rape and was arrested. According to neighbors a man escaped from Ronald’s window screaming he was raped and almost killed. When the case was brought to court in November 1996, the victim could not be found and the case was dropped.

Ronalds murders

David Mitchell’s(19) body was found in 1997 near Hahnville. Gary Pierre’s (20) body was found six months later at St Charles Parish.

Larry Ranson’s (38) body was found in July 1998 at St Charles Parish.

Ronald targeted gay men who would have sex for money and murdered them to avoid going to prison for rape. He would lure them to his house tie them up, rape and strangle them. Ronald dumped the bodies in sugar cane field ditches and small bayous in the southeast Louisiana parishes.

On the 19th of May 2000, Ronald received a court summons for disturbing the peace. He pleaded guilty and paid the fine to avoid going to court.

In Terrebonne Parish on the 10th of February 2002, he was arrested after he assaulted a woman at the Mardi Gras Parade. According to Ronald, the women hit her baby in the parking lot. She did apologize but he slapped her across the face. Ronald entered a Parish offender’s program to avoid standing trial.

He would kill and rape for nine years and his victims were men ranging from 19 to 40 years old. When the police discovered twenty-three murders were similar they knew the victims were killed by a serial killer.

A task force is created and Ronald Dominque is captured

In March 2005, a task force made up of the Louisiana State police, FBI and nine of the South Louisiana parish sheriff offices were asked to investigate the murders.  The task force was informed that 23 of the victims were homeless men known for prostitution and drugs. A man went to the police to report Ronald in 2006, he claims Ronald wanted to tie him up but he escaped. After this incident report, the police started to investigate Ronald.

Ronald was arrested on the 1st of December 2006 and confessed to raping and murdering 23 victims over a ten year period. He was charged with multiple cases of rape and first-degree murder and sentenced on the 23rd of September 2008, to eight life sentences. In a deal, he pleaded guilty to first-degree murder to avoid the death penalty. Ronald is currently incarcerated at the Louisiana State Penitentiary in Angola, he is 54 years old.


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