Serial killers is a subject that is both fascinating and revolting at the same time. It reminds us of how important it is to value life and respect others as well. From this list, you will be able to explore how serial killers lived worked and killed. What made them become the way they are and learn more about their childhoods too.

Uncategorised Serial Killers

I added this category because many serial killers fall into multiple categories but do not wholly fit into them.

John George Haigh – Also known as “The Acid Bath” serial killer had no problem dissolving his victims in drums of acid. He stole everything from his victims using forged paperwork.

Edward Theodore Gein – An American serial killer that used the skin of his victims and even his mother’s in the most inventive and disturbing way. He has two confirmed killings. We might never know the real number.

Power and Control Serial Killers

Ted Bundy – Ted was a highly intellectual killer, and he ended killing over 30 girls and young woman. He showed signs of his hatred and evil, but unfortunately, it was not picked up by anyone that might have made a difference in his life.

Jeffrey Dahmer – Brutally killed and raped his victims and also ate them. He also had weird and insatiable tendencies from a young age. He ended up murdering 17 people.

John Wayne Gacy – John is mostly known for being the Killer Clown, but he was also a successful construction business owner. He turned his business into his hunting ground. He liked to torture and sexually abused his young male victims. Where he was seen as a pillar of the community, he turned out to be a cancerous growth.

Junko Ogata – Is one of the most unlikely serial killers. She did not do it out of a will to kill but was so emotionally broken and manipulated by her husband that she helped him murder seven people.

Serial killer Moms

Megan Huntsman – Megan thought it would be better to kill 6 of her babies than to look after them. She wrapped them in cloth and plastic and put them in boxes in the garage.

Mission Orientated Serial Killers

Jane Toppan – Jane believed that if she had married everything would have been better. It might have been, but she focussed her energy on the negative and found killing to be easy and had no qualms in eliminating friends and family. She might have started off as a sweet little girl but in the end became a monster that had to be stopped.

Yang Xinhai – Yang went into homes of farmers and took out entire families in a brutal manner. He was working on a book and a Movie script. He probably had a great imagination, and unfortunately, it was put to brutal use.

Thrill Seeker Serial Killers

Richard Ramirez – Richard is a great example of a thrill seeker serial killer. He raped and murdered many people and even though he was heavily influenced by satanism it was used to re-enforce his evil deeds and not used as a vision.

Henry Lee Lucas – Henry had a horrid upbringing to say the least and he confessed to killing over 600 people. He is suspected of murdering well over a hundred people but were only convicted of 11 murders one of which was his long time girlfriend.

Serial Killer Truckers

Robert Ben Rhoades – With only three confirmed victims Robert is not a serial killer that should be overlooked. It is believed that he may have killed more than 50 people. He is also an American Serial killer.

Keith Hunter Jesperson – Keith was a Canadian – American Trucker Serial killer who claims to have murdered 166 people. Most of them were prostitutes, but he is only convicted of 9 murders.

Volker Eckert – Volker was a cold-blooded killer that loved his trophies and also kept his victim’s corpses at his house and truck for extended periods. He was caught the day a company had new security cameras installed.

Angels of Death Serial Killers

Michaela Roeder – Michaela claimed she killed her victims because she wanted to save them from suffering. The other nurses in her ward would jokingly call her “The angel of death” because of all the deaths on her watch. To their regret, they later found out that she was one.

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