The Ed Gein Quiz.

How well do you know Ed Gein? Can you answer every question in this Quiz?

  Many Horror movies were based off the life of Ed Gein, but the Texas Chainsaw Massacre is the first one that comes to mind. Ed Gein was kept from making friends at school and was heavily scolded by his mother for his efforts in doing so. He grew up pretty much isolated on their farm with his Brother, Mother and drunkard Father. He was allowed to go to school though. When older Ed and his brother was liked by the community and they worked as handymen and Ed was even a babysitter at times. What ultimately made him infamous was the two murders he committed and the things that was found in his house when he was arrested. He made many artifacts from dead bodies he had exhumed from three local graveyards. Even though Ed has long since died, he is still often talked about in True Crime circles. How well do you know Ed Gein's story? Take this quiz and find out!    

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